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  1. Hacked Squawkers McCaw Pirate Ready to Run for sale

    For Sale By Merchants
    Just finished this special version Squawkers McCaw Pirate. He's already been hacked with my SQUAWKER TALKER controller and attached on top a genuine PYRAT RUMS barrel with the controller mounted inside. Parrot is in great condition as well as the barrel. The wiring connections inside the parrot...
  2. Mechanical: Multi-Prop remote from Spirit- Can this be hacked?

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone purchased or researched the multi-prop remote from spirit? I saw this yesterday, it works by plugging this into the prop and placing on the try-me setting. You can then trigger them remotely with an a-d button option. This would be interesting to me if the remote could be hacked and...
  3. TAPS Paramagazine hacked!

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Starting yesterday I was seeing odd,pornographic posts on Facebook. At first I thought Jason Hawes had lost it! Nope, they,ve been hacked. So for now don't go into posts.
  4. Sale: Hacked Boris skulls, never used

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    SOLD!SOLD!SOLD!SOLD!!! I'm selling my two hacked Boris skulls. They've been sitting boxed up since I hacked them a few years ago. Never used or displayed. They have a mono plug in place of the bone mic, a potentiometer to help fine tune the jaw movement, and are wired to use a 6v DC walwart...
  5. Mechanical: Hacked Walgreens mooing ghost video.

    Halloween Props
    I saw a thread here about hacking "The Mooing Ghost" and figured i would dust mine off and try something. Seeing that my FCG is a clown this year I decided to use my Ghost puppet (Jessica) and hook her up to the Mooing rig and It looks pretty cool. I see some people cutting the sound wire but...
  6. Mechanical: Need help hacking toy to make mock trash can trama

    Halloween Props
    I want to make a prop similer to a trash can trauma. but I have vary little money and no experence with pneumatic air conpressed props. Is there a kids toy or halloween prop that can be hacked or rewired, to make something like a motion detected prop? It can be any kind of toy or house hold...
  7. Electronic/Software: Animated Elvis Bust

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone seen the animated elvis bust ? What a cool prop it has great movements, well not at is, but I am sure some of you have already hacked or have plans to hack him for your unique halloween prop needs....He would be a great vampire, zombie, evil dead, or dead elvis, or evil elvis...