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  1. Light added to Spirit Halloween props i.e jumping spider assistance needed

    General Halloween
    Did some searching but couldnt find any threads where someone hacked a spirit Halloween prop so that when the motion/step pad was triggered it would also have light. Could it be as simple as splicing some wires? curious if anyone has done this. What im looking to do is place the jumping...
  2. Prop Showcase: How to make the 3 Classic Halloween Monsters work?

    Halloween Props
    I bought the 3 Classic Halloween Monsters this year through Home Depot (Werewolf, Drac & Frankenstein). They are IR props that work off of each other, but I have no idea how to set them off without having to press the button on each of their arms. Is there a hack to hook them up to step pads or...
  3. Electronic/Software: Spirit Graveyard Lantern Hack-My first hack!

    Halloween Props
    On an earlier thread I asked if anyone knew how to make the sound activated Spirt Halloween Graveyard Lanterns stay constantly lit instead of the momenary light after being activated by sound. A few replies, but nothing concrete on how to do it, so I decided to take it apart myself and see what...
  4. Voice synchronized grim reaper costume

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Here's a grim reaper costume I created that includes a skull whose movements sync with your voice. If you want to see how I made it, look here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Voice-Synchronized-Grim-Reaper-Costume/ It's Scary Terry's audio-servo driver + an amplified mic + one of those...
  5. Mechanical: Pennywise wireless keyfob remote add on Hack

    Halloween Props
    hi not sure if everyone who got ahold of the 2017 pennywise, and noticed that it has a sound motion or you can use the supplied really short wired try me button. kind of annoying if there is too much noise the pennywise activates constantly and the try me cord is not long enough, so I decided to...
  6. Mechanical: Multi-Prop remote from Spirit- Can this be hacked?

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone purchased or researched the multi-prop remote from spirit? I saw this yesterday, it works by plugging this into the prop and placing on the try-me setting. You can then trigger them remotely with an a-d button option. This would be interesting to me if the remote could be hacked and...
  7. Mechanical: Animated Zombie Girl (Home Depot)

    Halloween Props
    I didn't see a thread on this one anywhere here. Correct me if I'm wrong. She's an HD exclusive this year as far as I can tell. About 3ft tall. See pictures and video below. PROS: Nice detail on face hands, and feet. Teddy bear looks real. Runs on AA batteries so it can be placed just about...
  8. Howdy from Oklahoma/Black Sheeting Hack?

    Member Introduction
    Hey everyone! I've been a forum stalker for quite a while and decided I needed to fully join in on the hauntingly good fun! I have been a Halloween fanatic for years but finally have the house layout to hopefully pull off my first haunt! Time will tell though as I am quickly running out of...
  9. Other: Need help adding power plug to Talking Boris

    Halloween Props
    Trying to post this again. I tried to post once but cannot find it. Anyway, does anyone know how or can point me to a how to on adding a wall wart to a Talking Boris? I opened it up and found out that it has 6 batteries that are split somehow. one section has 6 volts and the other section has 3...
  10. Electronic/Software: Controller for Squawkers McCaw Toy

    Halloween Props
    Hi all. I'm new here and am looking for recommendations for a controller to "hack" a Squawkers McCaw Toy to say and do what I'd like it to. Any suggestions? Thank you!
  11. Fog: Gemmy fog machine timer hack

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys I am trying to add a timer to my gemmy fog machine I no I saw a hack for it but now I can't seem to find it Does anyone know how this can be down. Thanks
  12. Mechanical: Help with Prop Sensor Issues

    Halloween Props
    I have about a dozen props that all need sound and motion to trigger them. Most of them have issues or when things get loud Halloween night, none of them go off. I have to go around spotting them with a flashlight or clap my hands to trigger them. Most of them have a demo input for the foot pad...
  13. Electronic/Software: How can I hack an MP3 player

    Halloween Props
    I need to connect a mat switch to an MP3 player! When someone steps on the Mat the MP3 player will play. Has anyone tried this? I can't imagine that its not been done but I didn't see much on a search.... I have the really cheap mp3 player that has an on off switch on the side and the round...
  14. Electronic/Software: Billy Big Mouth Bass hack

    Halloween Props
    I recently had someone looking to hack a Gemmy talking/singing Billy Bass. I have one on the way from ebay and will be doing surgery on him soon. Just checking to see how much interest there is in a board for doing this hack. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
  15. Off-season non-Halloween prop building (Phineas Ferb Guitar)

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Fellow Haunters, When I was out scouting thrift shops for Halloween prop supplies, found this Phineas and Ferb electric guitar for $3.60. I am a huge PF fan, so home it came. A few batteries and oh how disappointing, it works but it was just too cheesy, not something a PF fan could handle. So...
  16. Sarah the Axe Killer

    Wanted to Buy
    I am looking for the DVD or File of Sarah the Axe Killer. I have looked everywhere eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, and here last year. I have not been able to find anyone with this DVD or File. Please if you know of anyone with either, I would greatly appreciate the assistance in obtaining...
  17. Lighting: Need a candle hack

    Halloween Props
    I have a chicken wire ghost that I want to carry a candle. However, I'd really like to put her on the roof, so I need help figuring out how to wire up one of those battery-powered flickering LED candles so that I don't have to climb up the roof to turn it on. The one I'm using is a long taper...
  18. Is there any way to easily hack LED musical strobe lights?

    OK, I bought a bag box of Halloween stuff at a yard sale yesterday and there's two sets of battery operated musical strobe lights that originally came from Dollar General. While they're currently entertaining my 4 month old, I was wondering if there's a relatively simple way to hack these so...
  19. Hack a wireless doorbell and use it to remotely trigger props and scares!

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hey gang! Ever wanted to remotely trigger a prop, but didn't know how? This short tutorial shows you how to hack a wireless doorbell and use it as a remote trigger for props and scares. Any questions, you know how to reach us!
  20. Hack to make Timer Remote work with Gemmy IR Fog Machine?

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Is there info on here how to hack the WalMart/Target Gemmy Fog Machine's that have the IR remotes in order to wire it with the old Gemmy remote timers? It's mentioned that it's possible in the linked video. It looks like he took the link out. My browser's acting up with youtube so I can't PM...