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  1. What is your most indispensable supply/material right now?

    General Halloween
    I'm using the heck out of my roll of bailing wire, have been using it alot since Oct 1st when I set up my cemetery and still using it as of now, what about you guys, what's your favorite item right now?
  2. halloween costume swap

    Member Introduction
    trick or threat. anyone up for halloween costume exchange.
  3. These guys really really like pirates.

    General Halloween
    I don't know if anyone posted this yet. But, serious pirate display. dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2786821/Shiver-timbers-Ohio-Halloween-house-run-size-pirate-ship.html
  4. Jewelry Skull Bracelets

    Halloween Crafts
    Hey guys! I make bracelets and I LOVE Halloween, so of course I couldnt wait to make some Halloween themed bracelets. On my site I only have 1 skull bracelet listed right now because I had sold out of the others, but I figured Id share anyway since I can take custom orders as well! Take a look...
  5. Static: The yard is starting to take shape.....

    Halloween Props
    Got a couple more elements out. I call these guys The 3 Stooges... Just wouldnt be the same without a Grim Reaper...
  6. Prop Showcase: Pirate Ship

    Halloween Props
    THIS IS NOT MINE but I wanted to share this video I just found because I think you guys will like it. http://fox8.com/2014/10/04/shiver-me-timbers-halloween-and-pirate-ship-collide-in-familys-display/
  7. Hello guys and ghouls!

    Member Introduction
    So happy to have found this amazing place!
  8. Dorian Gray costume ideas??

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    hey guys :) I know not super creative BUT i am going as a Victorian witch this halloween... and my hubs had NO IDEA of what to be to match me.... well I came up with him going as Dorian Gray (anyone on here catch Penny Dreadful on Showtime this past summer?) well I am doing the Vanessa Ives...
  9. Halloween on tv

    General Halloween
    What Halloween tv specials/episodes are you going to watch this year on TV? What are some of your favorites? I watch some of my favorites but they dont show on tv anymore but i get them on Youtube.... I like watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch Halloween episodes, Family Matters, Roseanne and a...
  10. Atmosphere Effects: HELP! Graveyard haunt digital fx need some help

    Halloween Props
    hey guys got an aweoms little 3M projector but what in the world do i bounce the DVD image off of OUTSIDE in my graveyard? I want i to look like the images are actually in my outdoor graveyard ya know what i mean? (i am certain you guys do ...you all know E V E R Y T H I N G) this is my first...
  11. Wanted posters for Ghost Town theme party!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I plan on using this wanted poster generator. I will then get them printed on Staple's Engineering Prints and tea stain them to make them look old and authentic! However, I need some ideas for funny/humorous/silly crimes for my guests to commit! I am hoping to tap into your guys' creativity...
  12. Prop Showcase: child eater tree

    Halloween Props
    I have started my own Halloween tree it's not finished but I'm so excited I want to show you guys what I have so far.
  13. Static: Newbie

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys, My name is Chase. I am new here and wanted to get some opinions on prop building. I want to build my first ever prop for this Halloween 2014. I need something simple and affordable. Do you guys have any tips or opinions on what I should do for my first prop? I don't have many tools...
  14. Halloween parade float

    Halloween Prop Building Group
    Hi guys, I am very excited about halloween and have everything ready right now for this year, But i am also pumped about next year that i want to make a parade float. And here is the problem, I have no idea what the theme and the design its going to be. By that i want you guys to ask if some one...
  15. My Home Haunt featured!

    General Halloween
    Facebook people don't appreciate it like we would so I'm sharing with YOU guys http://issuu.com/thegoodlifemensmag/docs/so14_thegoodlife_web?e=0/9168004
  16. Hello from the Graveyard!

    Member Introduction
    Hi guys! I absolutely LOVE Halloween so I decided to join you ghouls and goblins. I live in Arizona so Fall has to be my favorite season when it's nice and cool. I am a zombie dancer (Thrill the World, woot!) and find trick-or-treating to be a real "Thriller." I hope to get a "haunted yard"...
  17. Scariest costumes you've ever seen

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hey guys and gals... I originally was going to do a stilt spirit costume this year but don't think it'll wind up happening. I still want to come up with something very scary. I was kinda thinking maybe a non-traditional witch doctor costume/scene, but just can't decide if I wanna go all in on...
  18. Other Have you come up with any Jack O Lantern idea?

    Halloween Crafts
    I was talking to my son about our costumes for this year's Halloween and I realized I hadn't come up with any ideas for my Jack O Lantern. I threw this together really quick but I was wondering, Do you guy's come up with your ideas for your Jack O Lantern early or do you just come up with it on...
  19. Pneumatic: Air Whip Help ...

    Halloween Props
    I'm putting an air whip prop together and I was wondering what pipe diameter and psi you have had success with? And also what number of air whips seemed to work the best with the above combination. Thank in advance for any help you guys can provide.
  20. Will my 50lb coffins kill my grass?

    General Halloween
    My wife thinks they will. What do you guys think?