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  1. Hello! 1st Time Haunter Intro

    Member Introduction
    Howdy -thought I'd introduce myself before seeking help on my Prop project 1st Time Ranch Of Horror Employee here Location: Turlock, CA aka Central Valley California Horror fan since birth Was convinced to audition as a Halloween Maze Cast Member. Now Sad all the years I lost. 18yrs to...
  2. Ultimate Guide to DIY Animatronics Book

    For Sale By Merchants
    It is finally ready! My book, The Ultimate Guide to DIY Animatronics, is available on presale for $10 off through Monday! Order your copy from the first run and have it in time for Christmas at https://www.servomagazine.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-diy-animatronics You can find it on Amazon as...
  3. Guide to visiting pet sematary filming locations

    Horror Discussion
    For anyone who likes the movie Pet Sematary, you'll want to watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZfVFcngpm0
  4. Best times to shop certain stores for Halloween for max discounts?

    General Halloween
    I am curious if there is a guide for the perfect time to hit the 50%+ discounts for many of the stores. I always hit Spirit November 1st. But what about places like Michael's which is sold out by Nov 1st, or Kirkland, or the big box stores? When are those perfect times without having to drive to...
  5. Little bits of Halloween on vacation.

    General Halloween
    We always seem to manage to find some little bits of halloween on our vacation. This year, vacation was much later than normal, and wanting to get out of the heat, we headed for Tahoe. Looking at various activities around the area, you knew my family was going to hit Donner lake and the...
  6. Doctor Druid's Haunted Seance

    Halloween Music
    VERY RARE RECORDING! NOTICE: This record is intended for entertainment purposes only; responsibility for any psychic phenomenon which may occur (either directly or indirectly) as a result of playing this record will not be assumed by the manufacturer Produced by Milt Larsen (founder of the...
  7. Pololu Maestro Mini 18 vs MP3 player for Raven caws

    Anyone familiar with the Mini Maestro and hooking up an MP3 player to it? Please don't tell me to read the users guide. I did and can't make heads or tails out of it.
  8. Ultimate Party Guide and Recipes!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    http://wickedwaysproductions.blogspot.com/p/wicked-recipes.html http://wickedwaysproductions.blogspot.com/p/wicked-recipes.html
  9. Guide to the SCARIEST halloween ever!

    For Sale By Merchants
    Do you want to make October 31st a day to remember? Checkout the online eBook The Tricks and Treats of the Ultimate Halloween experience! Just $9.95! The guide includes, •Choosing the right costume for yourself based on the hottest trends •Finding great and unique costumes for the kids...
  10. Other: The Ultimate Haunters Reference Book

    Halloween Props
    Hi All, I am putting together a Haunters Reference Handbook, that I would make available to everyone for free. Possibly, here if management here will provide a link point. The document would be a "Living Document" that would constantly be updated and hopefully useful for everyone from a...