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  1. Halloween Props
    So, for better or worse, I’m going with Resident Evil’s Umbrella Corporation’s take over of my house. I’ve created plastic sheets which hang over my large windows and garage door with spray painted Umbrella Corp logos. “Zombie Research Facility” sign over the garage door, with a yellow...
  2. Wanted to Buy
    Hi everyone! This is my first post here, and I see this website has an incredible community so I thought what better place to ask than here? So, back in 2010, Fun World made a buuuuunch of Ghostface/Scream related Halloween decorations in preparation for Scream 4. There is one decoration in...
  3. Halloween Props
    Hey ghosts and ghouls! I’m finally getting around to building a groundbreaker prop and I want to add a sound track to it. I’m just using a small stereo and a voice recorder to play the groundbreaker’s quotes. I just need some help from the Haunter community as I have some writer’s block on what...
  4. Halloween Props
    I tried to build the popular pneumatic groundbreaker zombie and failed to get it running. Granted I didn't give myself enough time to troubleshoot, etc. for this year but I'm hoping you guys can help me get it going for next year. Here's the scenario. I built the frame, etc per case fear...
  5. Halloween Props
    Here are the groundbreakers that I have managed to make this year.
  6. Halloween Props
    When one of my little cousins discovered I make halloween props she demanded I make one from the Gravity Falls episode scaryoke. Enjoying the show myself and not being one to disappoint I created this fellow. Unfortunately because I only had a small handheld blacklight I wasn't...
  7. Halloween Props
    I've been meaning to make a few coffins for years, never got around to it, last month I found a local factory that put out their old pallets and decided with such a wonderful source of wood I really needed to get started. First a ground breaker coffin to cut my teeth on. With that...
  8. Halloween Props
    Start with a hanging skeleton from Big Lots... Remove the unnecessary bits and start corpsing until you have something better... And then light it!
  9. Halloween Props
    My first finished groundbreaker of the year. tried a few new things including plastic skin and wood stain.
  10. Halloween Props
    Fellow prop builders - I am looking at building my first pneumatic ground breaker but I have no idea what kind of prop controller to buy. :confused: Or may be there is an all in one DIY package that I can purchase. I would like some flexibility but hope the "experts" on this forum can provide...
  11. Halloween Props
    Last Halloween one of the local schools brought around a couple busloads of kids to see my yard set up. Well last week a woman came by and said her grandson was one of those children and that he loved the ground breakers, he also loves pirates, so she asked if I would make a ground break pirate...
  12. Halloween Props
    Well got bored today and set another started yet another ground breaker. The route I take is try to make the CHEAPSET prop I can with what ever I can find for free. Here I go...
  13. Halloween Props
    Just finished my second ground breaker in this series. One more to go. Same process as the first. PVC for the spine, shoulders and arms. Coat hangers covered in tin foil and mache strips for the ribs. Drylock and spar to waterproof. Finally Stiltbeasts's plastic wrap corpsing method...
  14. Halloween Props
    Just finished my first ground breaker. PVC was used for the spine, the ribs are coat hangers covered in mache strips. A few coats of dry lock and spar urethane were applied to protect it...I hope, then I used Stiltbeast method of corpsing with plastic. The arms are movable and pose-able...
  15. Halloween Props
    using inspiration from several others on this site I decided to start my own ground breaker, if all goes well I hope to have several by H-Time. Since I'm early in the building phase and the thought of having its head move back and forth or nod up and down has been very intriguing to me. I'm...
  16. Halloween Props
    Poor Fred was a glutton in life but died of starvation. Now that he risen again the hunger that killed him is as strong as ever. However he is stuck, whats a starving zombie to do? The hunger must be satisfied.
  17. Halloween Props
    My first zombie ground breaker.
  18. Halloween Props
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaO1cYkKyzU After a couple of months of work, my project has come together. I used Spencer Carter's (casa fear) "how to" and the Frightprops ground breaker kit. This is the first video I shot of it, since then I have doubled the PSI, which really made it much...
  19. Halloween Props
    I reworked my paper mache ground breakers into a tar pit using drive way sealer
  20. Halloween Props
    Here is a new denizen of the Village Mire. YouTube- New Mire Man
1-20 of 24 Results