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  1. Electronic/Software: Weatherproofing? How do you do it, here's what I did.

    Halloween Props
    Two days after I set everything up we had a nice rainstorm come through. 3 inches in an hour. While I think my animatronics might shed the water OK I wasn't willing to test this with Halloween just a week out. So I covered all the heads with plastic grocery sacks. I guess I could seal the...
  2. Static: Just putting the finishing touches on my Surfin Skellie

    Halloween Props
    I've always wanted to do this, but I could never afford a full size skeleton. Found one at Grocery Outlet for $25 and made it happen. Excuse the disaster area that is my garage.
  3. Grocery Store 2014 Halloween Finds

    General Halloween
    Sometimes while limited in inventory your local grocery store can have some interesting and worthy halloween items. Don't think we've had a thread started for these local places but since Safeway Grocery is in lots of cities in my area, thought I'd shine the spotlight on them. Please add your...
  4. Static: Grocery Outlet 2014!

    Halloween Props
    I was happily surprised to some really cool props at my local Grocery Outlet today. By far, the biggest find was the poseable 5 foot skeleton for only $24.95! It's not as good as the Pose-n-stays at Costco for $34.95 but not bad. They have light up eyes that that may or may not work for your...