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  1. Mechanical: Twisty the Clown Organ Grinder Prop

    Halloween Props
    Just about finished with the organ grinder prop. Will be adding paint and other details in the next week.
  2. Mechanical: Twisty Organ Grinder Prop Build

    Halloween Props
    I am putting together a "Organ Grinder" prop for my Carnevil display this year. The concept is to have an organ grinder with a little monkey with a tin cup. I will have Twisty from AHS as the organ grinder, but not only is he making organ music, he is also grinding people up! Here is the...
  3. Static: Meat Grinder

    Halloween Props
    2 cans of spray foam for the meat/guts and the "grinder" is just an old coffee can with a hole cut into the side that I put an old spray paint can into. Mounted on a scrap chunk of 2x4 and then bolted onto an old 5 gallon bucket. I know my paint job is a little crappy but I ran out of red...
  4. Static: The Meat Grinder

    Halloween Props
    Saw something like this at Halloween Annex in Worcester, MA....thought I would try to make something like! Given an antique meat grinder, and had the small bench. Found the decapitated head at a yard sale....Great Stuff and paint! Looks better in person,...lighting off a bit with my phone...