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  1. Announcements / Press Releases
    https://vimeo.com/ondemand/atgod Thank you to everyone who's shown support over the years for either Cedar Street Films USA or Ghoulish Grin Films. It's much appreciated. And on to the next project! :)
  2. Halloween Props
    Stopped one time in the middle of a project/looked around and thought to yourself: "Holy #$^& I have alot of Halloween stuff!" Just happened - then a big grin came across my face - and I got back to work :) Shameless plug "Like us on Facebook - Shadow Valley Cemetery".
  3. General Halloween
    We have some very fantastic people come through The Ravens Grin Inn! We recently had many new people , along with returning patrons, people who love the "Art", and the routines here, many first timers this holiday weekend. One older couple (Newbies) expressed great "Glee" about one display...
  4. General Halloween
    Not the haunted house kind of "Thrills" but instead a great number of photos of amazing looking buildings! (And Houses) I really don't see how we made this list, if you look through it .. some of those structures are So incredible! The picture of Ravens Grin is maybe ten years old? (We can...
  5. General Halloween
    With a poem i had written. I would "Inflict" it upon my patrons after they were seated in my front room. This is only part of it: If excitement of Anticipation Is the stimulation you Seek And Heart and Nerves are Good and the Knees don't go Weak curiosity and Thoughts Are not Strangers in...
  6. General Halloween
    "My whole yard to look like a Zombie Graveyard!" Said the young Father of the family that just took the house tour here at Ravens Grin Inn. "But I don't know how to do"X-Y-Z"! "Just look at The Halloween Forum." I told him. I just "Made" his night! He walked to his car very happy! (And it...
  7. Haunted Humor
    So, I am not anywhere certain of where this should be posted... However, it is a link to youtube, where someone has taken a clip from the white walkers attack of season 5 episode 8 and put it to a portion of Thriller. Spoilers obviously. ...and blood. I had a grin the whole way through...
  8. General Halloween
    Right now. Decembuur! 16th you will hear a message on Ravens Grin answering machine recorded last night. Call 1-815-244-4746 to hear what happened.
  9. General Halloween
    Thunder rolls across the sky, booming, belching, cracking. The sky is dark. All "GOOD"! I have a small busload of "NEWBIES" arriving in maybe an hour and these special defects will most likely still be around us in the air! It is a special Bachlor party tour, and I guess only the Groom has...
  10. Wanted to Buy
    Hi, I am Dan Murter aka GRIN and my associate Ryan Ross aka Karnage . We are looking for help to grow our clown themed entertainment company. The biggest reason we are doing this go fund me page is to raise the funds to buy an ice cream truck to run our business from. this won't be your...
1-14 of 14 Results