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grim reaper

  1. Prop Factory - Giant Grim Reaper Costume For Sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Save BIG BEFORE TransWorld! Haunt Closing Liquidation Prop Factory - Giant Grim Reaper Costume $1850 Purchased 2017 - Retail $2300. Used 1 season. Super clean. Approximately 9' tall. Adjustable height to better fit any actor. Aluminum and steel frame armature with cable controls and...
  2. Winged Grim Reaper Animated Prop plus lots more

    For Sale By Merchants
    Adding a new line of animated props and figures to the store - first one available now is the Ultimate Winged Grim Reaper! Available at https://www.cosplaycostumecloset.com/winged-grim-reaper-animated-halloween-prop-124148 - only $255.00 with free shipping in the US (via truck only!) More...
  3. Mechanical: Grim Reaper Cauldron Creep Prop

    Halloween Props
    I'm new to the forum. I've been building Halloween props for the past 3 years. This is my 2016 prop build. It is essentially a Cauldron Creep. I've liked these props since I saw my first one. Though it's not a particularly original build, I really wanted to make my own. My 10 year old son...
  4. Electronic/Software: Interesting motionette-style figure, trying to learn more

    Halloween Props
    I picked up this guy at the flea market over the weekend and am hoping someone will have information about him. I have a good number of the Telco Motionettes and he doesn't appear to be one of them. A quick search on ebay indicated he may be a Halloweener, but I'm not sure if that is/was it's...
  5. Prop Showcase: Cheap grim reaper into creepy clown

    Halloween Props
    I love disturbing clowns (a fact which some of you already know from my Ernesto von Polkabutt tutorial). So when I bought a $10 little sound-activated Grim Reaper from Canadian Tire, I knew he would be so much better as a clown. To clownify him I stripped off his hat and black shroud, leaving...
  6. What is the best option for covering the eye holes on a Grim Reaper mask?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I am thinking about buying the Grim Reaper mask, with movable jaw, by Zagone Studios for Halloween this year. My only concern is covering the eye holes to make it look like the sockets are empty. What's the best way to accomplish that?
  7. How I made my Grim Reaper.

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    How I made my Grim Reaper.(with photos) This will probably be a really long one. ^.^ I did a lot of steps and took pictures just encase someone wanted to know how I made it. Guess it was fruitful in my thinking after all. This is the end result so you can see what your working towards. ^.~...
  8. Static: help with grim reaper wings

    Halloween Props
    I have a large skull I bought. Ive been wanting to make a large grim reaper. When I say large I mean 10ft tall. I have the material and structure down not a problem. The question I have is how do I make wings for it. I want to put it on a pvc frame with a screen of some sort on it. I would like...
  9. 2011 Halloween Over Sized Party Props

    General Halloween
    Giant Spider 8' Reaper waiting on new souls This is just Funny ^^
  10. Prop Showcase: Spider and Grim reaper prop we added

    Halloween Props
    8' Grim Reaper looking for a few extra friends to play with. Spider fun! I see You Hiding...... The Reaper's Posse I hope you enjoy this as much as we did making them. :D
  11. Grim Reaper Mask for sale on eBay

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I am selling a deluxe Grim Reaper Mask made by Bump in the Night Productions. The mask is Brand New, never worn, and still has the tag. The retail price was $99.00, but the starting bid is 69.99 + $10.00 shipping. Here is a link...
  12. Mechanical: Grim Reaper Test

    Halloween Props
    This is gonna be a lot of fun on the big day. He'll hang out on the porch reaching out to touch any passerby. The eyes are controlled by a thumb switch. He will be on wheels for attack mode. YouTube - Grim Reaper 2009
  13. Grim Reaper Skull/Heads For your prop

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I’m selling four Grim Reaper Heads for $15.00 and free shipping. The heads measures approx 4.5" wide x 5.5" high The heads are made of light weight rigid foam. They can be mounted on a homemade tombstone you are creating or any other Halloween or Gothic object you choose as they have many...