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  1. Halloween Props
    Would love some advice on how to get a green glow coming from this baby carriage. I need something to entice guests to peer beneath the sheer black shroud that will cover it to see the "baby" inside. I am worried that just tossing some green glow stick in there would create lighting that is...
  2. General Halloween
    Has any else notice that it's hard to find the lime green lights any more. It seams that all the stores stock purple and orange lights ,but not the lime green type. The closest I've seen lately is at Big Lots with its purple and green top dual lights set. Is it just my area or what? I would like...
  3. Halloween Props
    I just wanted to share my husbands great idea. We have columns up in the party area that he built last year. There are 6 of them. He mounted yard lights to the top of them...the kind that you stake into the ground along your sidewalk. We wanted to make the lighting be green instead of white...
1-3 of 3 Results