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  1. Danny and Sandy were dead in Grease

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Have you seen this yet? Apparently there's a fan theory that Sandy (and maybe Danny, too) both drowned on the beach at the beginning of Grease, and the entire movie is their dying fantasies. An alternate theory says that Sandy committed suicide just before her "makeover" at the end. Deceased...
  2. Thinning grease based makeup with alcohol?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hi, I was watching some zombie makeup tutorials on Youtube, and often, alcohol activated makeup is used for layered washes. This stuff is pretty expensive, and I was wondering, is it possible to thin grease based makeup with isopropanol to achieve more or less the same effect?
  3. "The Haunted ... Faucet!"

    General Halloween
    Today after my wife and i had both been upstairs, she said that she could hear "water running'... I listened, I heard it too. Going back upstairs I found the Lav. faucet was running a pretty good stream of hot water. She asked,"Is it "Haunted"? (this is a Haunted,haunted house.) No. This...
  4. Anyone use Flesh latex before?

    I've used liquid latex plenty of times before but it's just been the white. Basically my mask for this year is this: Thing is, is that I suck at regular makeup but I want to blend this to my skin. I'm very fair skinned and I'd rather not go out and buy foundation. After some googling people...
  5. GOOD quality clown makeup

    Hey all, I am looking for some good quality clown makeup and don't really know where to begin. I don't really care for the cream makeups or the kits that you can get from walmart or other halloween stores (as they often fade pretty quickly)... I am willing to put down some cash as long as the...
  6. foam latex mask HELP!

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    OK, so i finally got this awesome foam latex mask and I was reading all the instructions and such and I've hit a snag. I didn't realize I needed grease paint...upon further inspection I found out I'm incapable of getting any and I can't buy it online. So my question is this. I have an abundant...
  7. Jim Carrey's The Mask Costume

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hey everyone, For this Halloween I want to go as Jim Carrey's the Mask. I've already bought the zoot suit. The problem now is the mask itself. The problems: 1.) I don't know anything about latex appliances. I figure I'll need an eyebrow ridge, cheeks and chin. Is there anything I'm missing...
  8. Jim Carrey's The Mask Costume

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hey folks, Name's Mike and I need some costume help. I'm working on my Mask costume for a costume contest in October. I just put in an order for the yellow zoot suit so that's taken care of. Sure, I still need the white shirt, suspenders, socks, shoes and I don't think I'm going to wear the...