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  1. Static: Gravedigger Stabalize

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys, I have a pose and stay skeleton still in the box from a few years ago. I may incorporate him into one of my graves I think. i want him holding a shovel with his foot on it as if he was digging it. What is the best way to stabilize him into the ground for this? What have some of you...
  2. Lemax Spooky Town Rave at Graves

    Wanted to Buy
    Looking for the Rave at Graves Lemax Spooky Town Halloween building in GC for a young teen collector. If you are willing to sell yours please pm me.
  3. Halloween 2015 Video - Graves of the Groves

    General Halloween
    Hi all! Here is my video highlights from Halloween 2015. Hope you enjoy!
  4. the creepiest graves you have ever seen

    General Halloween
    Ok, we know someone dead is down there. You don't need to clarify any more.
  5. Prop Showcase: Sign fo Halloween Cemetery 2015

    Halloween Props
    Have been Working on my cemetery for next year Since Halloween, it will be a haunted new Orleans Cemetery with 12 Standing Graves, 12 Lawn Level graves, A Miniature Model T Hearse, that im Building a Double wall of Crypts a,d in front on a Painted up Real Estate Sign Holder, This Sign that I...
  6. Graveyard inspiration for those interested.

    General Halloween
    Sadly, NOAA missed their mark yet again and the weather never cleared .. so no fishing. We did visit the old burial grounds in Beaufort. Very old, beautiful, famous for a little girl buried in a keg of rum, it's reported to be very haunted. The gates were however closed today, next time I'll...
  7. Favorite Epitaths!

    General Halloween
    This is a thread for people to write down their favorite Epitaths! They can be unique or not. What ever you like! This may help those who are having issues coming up with new ideas. My favorite one i have done was: Pandora Just couldn't leave well enough alone! :D
  8. Tales of Haunted Hollywood

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    Greetings and welcome to A Musical Introduction Like many cities, Los Angeles and surrounding environs are haunted. Hollywood is even more so, for in no other city has the draw of fame, fortune and and worldwide admiration been so prevalent. But for every story of success, there are at...