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  1. Halloween Props
    Was going to do a Covid stone but haven't figured the best epitaph yet. Any ideas? All I have is "Just Die Already"
  2. Halloween Props
    Hi everyone. I love this site. I have learned so much from all the threads. As usual, I am obsessed with Halloween. I really really want to step up my game this year. I have been given the title of the "creepy house" in our neighborhood at Halloween. I LOVE THE HAUNT FACTOR. What I'd like...
  3. Halloween Props
    Further progress on my collapsible grave yard fence
  4. Halloween Props
    Ok, so I'm working on my new graveyard fence and as much as I love the traditional rod iron look I need something easy to store. The fence I'm building is almost the same as my last house. This fence is easy to build, fairly inexpensive and folds up for easy storage. I will paint it and weather...
1-5 of 5 Results