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  1. undead granny animated

    Wanted to Buy
    anybody have this prop and looking to to sell https://youtu.be/KAt0cIe1J-c PM me
  2. Animatronics for sale Charlotte NC

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have tons of animatronics for sale located outside of Charlotte NC looking to sale all together $5,000 Uncle Charlie Regan rising Reagan standing Demonica both years Timmy tumbles Static props farmer and wife Zombie pop up toilet Twitching Banshee Harvester Deadwood Limb eating Cerberus...
  3. Mechanical: Gruesome Granny

    Halloween Props
    Anyone who has the Tekky Gruesome Granny prop.....she looks amazing. I got mine from a yard sale. The guy said she worked. Well, guess what? She moves, leans down to the baby she is holding, her eyes and the baby's eyes light up. But I hear she is supposed to sing to the baby as well? Can't seem...
  4. Prop Showcase: How Much $$

    Halloween Props
    Hi, I'm thinking of buying the following props on CL so I'm just getting a vibe of what you guys think of them. Don't have pics but if you know a lot of the spirit Halloween props you should know right away. So all have boxes and and are in great condition. Here's the list All boxed up (2009)...
  5. Mechanical: Gruesome Granny

    Halloween Props
    Anyone have a Gruesome Granny? She is from a few years ago I would say. Pink dress, from Tekky I believe. Mine works partially, and I just picked her up for practically nothing. She moves; leans down and kisses the baby, her eyes and the baby's eyes light up, but there is no sound. There is a...
  6. Prop Showcase: CL Motherload!!

    Halloween Props
    [/ATTACH] Found all this in an ad on my local Craigslist. 45 larger items, lots of small stuff. Lots of stuff I didn't get pics of yet.....I am so happy, yet know I need help. I have nowhere for any more stuff! Some items may be for sale later. We shall see. But for $200 for all, who could...
  7. Spirit Halloween Head Banging Zombie and Gruesome Granny props.....

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Head Banging Zombie.....75.00 plus shipping.....used indoors for one Halloween...comes in original box Gruesome Granny....100.00 plus shipping....never used.Only came out of the box for testing...also,in original box. Peek A Boo Penny....75.00 plus shipping....used one Halloween. All of these...
  8. Mechanical: Spirit "Undead Granny" Worth Getting?

    Halloween Props
    I'm considering ordering the Undead Granny prop from Spirits site but am still undecided. I have never seen the prop up close and have heard mixed reviews. So my questions are 1: if you own it what are your impressions of it? 2: does anyone have a non-stock photo of it so I can see exactly what...
  9. Prop Showcase: Rocking Granny - looked as cute on Halloween as she did on her wedding day.

    Halloween Props
    Rocking Granny - looked as cute on Halloween as she did on her wedding day. The camera wasn't very kind to the lighting that turned out pretty good.
  10. Mechanical: granny,

    Halloween Props
    granny and her grand-baby in a rocker
  11. Mechanical: Looking for an audio for for my rocking granny

    Halloween Props
    I just finished my Rockin' Granny and she looks pretty good and works great but only one problem. I neglected to get an audio file for her so she can talk. Anyone know where I can locate and download an audio file that would be appropriate for this prop? She is a Zombie grandma so maybe a...
  12. Mechanical: Rocking scary granny

    Halloween Props
    This is my first time working with a wiper motor. This is basically the start of her. I hope to get her complete when I return next week. Rocking granny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbeHjrbunxE
  13. Prop Showcase: Scary Granny

    Halloween Props
    This is the start to my Scary Granny prop. She will be sitting in a rocking chair holding a scary morbid baby with a bottle of blood. Waiting for her to dry tonight, what do you think? This is my first attempt.