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  1. Wanted to Buy
    anybody have this prop and looking to to sell https://youtu.be/KAt0cIe1J-c PM me
  2. Halloween Props
    Anyone who has the Tekky Gruesome Granny prop.....she looks amazing. I got mine from a yard sale. The guy said she worked. Well, guess what? She moves, leans down to the baby she is holding, her eyes and the baby's eyes light up. But I hear she is supposed to sing to the baby as well? Can't seem...
  3. Halloween Props
    Hi, I'm thinking of buying the following props on CL so I'm just getting a vibe of what you guys think of them. Don't have pics but if you know a lot of the spirit Halloween props you should know right away. So all have boxes and and are in great condition. Here's the list All boxed up (2009)...
  4. Halloween Props
    Anyone have a Gruesome Granny? She is from a few years ago I would say. Pink dress, from Tekky I believe. Mine works partially, and I just picked her up for practically nothing. She moves; leans down and kisses the baby, her eyes and the baby's eyes light up, but there is no sound. There is a...
  5. Halloween Props
    [/ATTACH] Found all this in an ad on my local Craigslist. 45 larger items, lots of small stuff. Lots of stuff I didn't get pics of yet.....I am so happy, yet know I need help. I have nowhere for any more stuff! Some items may be for sale later. We shall see. But for $200 for all, who could...
  6. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Head Banging Zombie.....75.00 plus shipping.....used indoors for one Halloween...comes in original box Gruesome Granny....100.00 plus shipping....never used.Only came out of the box for testing...also,in original box. Peek A Boo Penny....75.00 plus shipping....used one Halloween. All of these...
  7. Halloween Props
    I'm considering ordering the Undead Granny prop from Spirits site but am still undecided. I have never seen the prop up close and have heard mixed reviews. So my questions are 1: if you own it what are your impressions of it? 2: does anyone have a non-stock photo of it so I can see exactly what...
  8. Halloween Props
    Rocking Granny - looked as cute on Halloween as she did on her wedding day. The camera wasn't very kind to the lighting that turned out pretty good.
  9. Halloween Props
    granny and her grand-baby in a rocker
  10. Halloween Props
    I just finished my Rockin' Granny and she looks pretty good and works great but only one problem. I neglected to get an audio file for her so she can talk. Anyone know where I can locate and download an audio file that would be appropriate for this prop? She is a Zombie grandma so maybe a...
  11. Halloween Props
    This is my first time working with a wiper motor. This is basically the start of her. I hope to get her complete when I return next week. Rocking granny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbeHjrbunxE
  12. Halloween Props
    This is the start to my Scary Granny prop. She will be sitting in a rocking chair holding a scary morbid baby with a bottle of blood. Waiting for her to dry tonight, what do you think? This is my first attempt.
1-12 of 12 Results