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  1. Looking to buy

    Wanted to Buy
    I can’t find the 2015/2016 Grandin Road Hocus Pocus Mantle Scarf anywhere. If someone on here knows somebody that has it or has one themselves & will part with it please let me know. I will pay! I’m desperate to find it! This is what it looks like...
  2. In search of Katherine Collection Greta Witch table top server 2017

    Wanted to Buy
    I’m searching for the Katherines Collection Greta Witch table top server from 2017 if anyone is selling it!! I will buy! Please see picture for details
  3. Static: Prop build of Grandin witches...https://www.grandinroad.com/holding-hands-witches-2c-

    Halloween Props
    I am getting a late start this year and am actually going to have a tight budget for this Halloween. Two strikes! Regardless, I would like to pick your brains about maybe trying to recreate the Grandin Road hand holding witched to add to my front lawn. I am also planning to have some "Witching...
  4. Help! Does anyone know who can repiar Grandin Road Witches? Thank you!

    Halloween Props
    Hi! New member here. So glad to find the site. I've looked and looked and can't find an answer to my question. We bought a Grandin Road "Hagatha " the witch on Ebay 2 years ago. My special needs son plays with it EVERYDAY and loves it. Recently her eyes and mouth move slower and she's just...
  5. Dolls Cheesy porcelain Doll to Vampiress Craft Project

    Halloween Crafts
    Advice from those who restore porcelain dolls please I absolutely love the Countess in the katherine collection at grandin road BUT, I just can't drop $600 on a 3d portrait, so I have been thinking about trying to replicate a similar version myself. Any advice on what glue works the best to...
  6. Grandin Road Lady In Black & Other Props For Sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I am clearing out a lot of my Halloween props. All are from an adult only, smoke and pet free household. If interested in anything please send pm for shipping quote. Thanks! ~ Grandin Road Lady In Black - New In Box - Sold The photo is one that I am keeping. The one I am selling has not been...
  7. Mechanical: I got my Grandin order. Here's Bernard the Butler.

    Halloween Props
    I really wish his eyes lit up. I think it would add to it. Also he came wtih his head at an odd angle. It's a little better but still seems angeld up to high. He's also taller than I expected. He's nice and clear as well. I realise it's dark, sorry about that. I will have to get a better...
  8. Candelabras + Candles $30 includes shipping

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    With the candles, they are 21 inches high. Candelabra is sturdy heavy metal from Grandin Road (item number #32200) from a few years back. All new - never used. The candles have red drip on them, this pic shows a faux painting I did for my pirate theme last year. So you will have to paint your...
  9. Electronic/Software: I need help hacking my grandin road and spooky village props

    Halloween Props
    So I feel a little silly asking these questions because I have read many of these threads and most of the answers are fairly high tech... and I am not. I have several props from grandin road and spooky village that I would like to change from being activated by sound or motion to being...
  10. HELP! Grandin Road 2011 Life Size Animated Ghost

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hi everyone, I recently purchased a used Martha Stewart Life Size Animated Ghost (Originally sold at Grandin Road in 2011) from eBay, and it was missing a very important piece; The instructions. I have been able to pretty much put together the whole lower half just by visualizing what fits...
  11. Halloween @ Grandin Road

    Lots of fun goodies available......here are a few of my favs. Halloween Chemistry Drinkware Animated Medusa Statue