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  1. Mechanical: Grave grabber

    Halloween Props
    Started working on a grave grabber a couple days ago and here's what I've gotten done so far. It's an old foot massager (free from my sister) and a bunch of scrap from the garage. I'm thinking of having something laying across it to look like it's being crushed, but not sure what yet.
  2. Prop Showcase: DT Solar Flower remake WIP

    Halloween Props
    Ok, here are the first pics of my Dollar Tree solar flower remake. Basically, I'm turning it into a solar grave grabber. I took apart the DT flower and removed the solar panel, replacing it with a larger panel from a solar pathway light I got at Walmart for $1.50(one of the red, white, and blue...
  3. BOO! New Forum Member!

    Member Introduction
    Hello Halloween Forum!! I had joined a few days ago and finally got the courage to post in here the first time. This forum is amazing, at the moment i am creating a grave grabber. And i am hoping to do a home haunt next year! Ruggerz