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  1. Static: Half mask fill in

    Halloween Props
    Hey haunters! Help please, I purchased three witch masks not knowing that they weren't FULL masks. They have a strap to go around the back of the head. I need to make them more 3 dimensional and fit over the pvc frame I built for them. I considered the Stiltbeast method with using gorilla...
  2. Static: Gorilla Cage

    Halloween Props
    I have done the Carnevil theme the last 2 years and plan on one more year before switching gears. I have used the ticket booth, as seen in the picture below, but now want to re-purpose it as a gorilla cage since I picked up the gorilla costume for dirt cheap the first day a local Halloween...
  3. Upgrading Your Gorilla Costume

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    If you want to feature a gorilla in your haunt, chances are that you'll wind up with an inexpensive costume that isn't quite as ferocious or impressive looking as originally hoped for. Thankfully the website Hollywood Gorilla Men has a tutorial from Academy Award winning special effects artist...
  4. Mechanical: Caged gorilla

    Halloween Props
    Hi, We've had an unused 6 foot tall, 4 foot wide & 2 foot deep metal safe cage somewhere lost in storage for a few years & we've decided to try to put it to use this year. It's made of pretty strong meshlike metal. We have a gorilla suit, basic PVC human frame already made and wiper motor. The...