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  1. Nightmares & Dreamscapes (Goremet Book Club January Selection)

    Horror Discussion
    This massive collection of stories by Stephen King is our latest read and with so many tales to choose from I thought I would ask my fellow Halloween fans what story or stories were your favorite from the book?
  2. September "Goremet" Selection: Duma Key

    Horror Discussion
    This month is all about Duma Key, King's first Florida set novel. Who out there has read it? Thoughts, discussion topics, trivia??? For me Duma Key ranks number 8 on my King top 10.
  3. Who is going as a character or creature from a Stephen King tale?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    This year I am going to be Kurt Barlow from Salem's Lot. Who else is dressing up and celebrating Halloween King style?
  4. What Stephen King film do you watch on Halloween?

    Horror Discussion
    Pet Semetary always seems a fitting choice. Perhaps you prefer The Mist. What is yours? I will try to find a copy of Salem's Lot to watch this year, but no one carries a DVD of it anymore.
  5. Blood Road

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    In Metamora Michigan there is a two mile long stretch of dirt road in a dark wooded area know as Blood Road. I read about it in Weird Michigan. A few friends took a ride out there a few days before Halloween. The thing was the road was supposed to turn red behind you as you drove on. I was a...
  6. What is your favorite Halloween song?

    Halloween Music
    I remember how much I loved Monster Mash. I know it is the most noted, but I also waited to hear them play it on the radio. Thriller also, because I loved the Vincent Price bit.
  7. Your Favorite Creature of Halloween

    General Halloween
    Do you love vampires or are you partial to a little Lycanthropy? Ghosts or ghoul? What creature do you love the most during Halloween?
  8. What Is Your Favorite Stephen King Movie?

    Horror Discussion
    This is a tough one because there is scary Stephen King and dramatic Stephen King. But I do truly love The Mist. The Shining, of course but The Mist is just frightfully good. So what is your favorite?
  9. What's Your Favorite Stephen King Book?

    Literature and Role-Playing
    Hi there! I am The Goremet and ask what is your favorite Stephen King novel or collection? My favorite is Insomnia. Halloween and Stephen King just go together! Let me know what Stephen King book you may be reading this Halloween too. This year I will be reading Salem's Lot for Halloween.
  10. The Stephen King "Goremet" Book Club HALLOWEEN Event

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Join us at the Barnes & Noble in Troy Michigan or at our Facebook page to celebrate Halloween Goremet style. Our Halloween 2012 selection is Salem's Lot by Stephen King. Besides the discussion, there will be trivia, games, food, frights and more. This special meeting of our book club will be...
  11. The Goremet Says Hi!

    Member Introduction
    Hello there everyone! My name is Donald Kendall, but I am known as The Goremet (especially to all things Stephen King). I lecture on King and run a group called The Stephen King "Goremet" Book Club featured on facebook. I hope to start a Goremet group here as well. Halloween is my #1...