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  1. My birthday nightmare :(

    General Halloween
    I was having a less than happy birthday on Sunday and it only got worse. I was pet sitting for a friend and I got the call from my neighbor around 7:15pm... my garage was on fire. Halloween forum friends... I lost 34 years of collecting Halloween stored in my garage and I have nothing Halloween...
  2. Hello, new to you, but not to Halloween decorating

    Member Introduction
    I saw your posts about yards and that was all that I needed to join in with you. Oh, yes you want an introduction first. (I'm playing with these these posting features :confused:, so please bear with me. ) I live in Chester County, PA. My yard at this time of year is called "Uwchlan Haunt...
  3. New here, but old Halloween lover!

    Member Introduction
    Hi, I just found this site as well as the Facebook page. I can't wait to peruse all the posts and indulge myself in the holiday goodies posted here. De :D
  4. 2019 Mad Hatter Halloween Party

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Next year 2019 i am doing Mad Hatter this is going to be Epic with Saki.Girl twist so i have all ready started buying stuff for this theme next year so I thought i would start a thread to post all my goodies i am finding and using and when start making props they will be posted here also.
  5. Another Aussie in the house

    Member Introduction
    HI, another Aussie in the house, altho I'm lucky in a way i have an American wife. We have been doing Halloween displays here in Adelaide South Australia for a number of years and growing each year. We are one of the biggest displays in Adelaide, and possibly the biggest in our direct area...
  6. Let's see your goodie bags for guest

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Love to see what goodies people give there guest.
  7. The Pumpkin Batch Service

    General Halloween
    (That's right- BATCH not patch). Has anyone else ordered from them? For those of you that don't know, it is a monthly pumpkin subscription service that sends you a shoebox sized container of goodies. I'm an on and off subscriber. www.thepumpkinbatch.com I signed back up for the fall season...
  8. Christmas Tree Shops 2016

    General Halloween
    I could have sworn there was a thread for Christmas Tree Shops but I couldn't find one, so here's some of their goodies from this year.
  9. Walgreens 2016

    General Halloween
    Have not seen this thread started. I am excited to see if Walgreens dose a new Nightmare before Christmas hanging character I would love for it to be zero. Also looking forward to see what they will have for other Halloween goodies.
  10. soooo we bought a house

    Off-Topic Stuff
    still has that new house smell. I'm going to update photo's as I decorate. ♥ 4 bedroom house huge kitchen LOVE IT!! Cemetery hallway I need more ravens!! I'll have to wait until the Halloween goodies show up in the stores Slowly making progress I'm dead tired :D going to keep it up though ;)
  11. Morgue Momma in California

    Member Introduction
    HI, I joined almost one month ago, but just started posting and finding my way around here. Back in '98 I made a website that was nothing but Halloween links...it was so cool and my heart was really into it. The bomb was I did it on WebTV. The sad part was/is, it's gone and I didn't save all...
  12. Craigs lists finds

    General Halloween
    http://newlondon.craigslist.org/zip/5052989540.html for my fellow haunters..craigs list..the wealth is here during the summer ...get them now and look for goodies BEFORE it gets into september
  13. New Picture thread for payitforward 2015

    General Halloween
    here is the new thread to post pictures of all the goodies that will be send this year!
  14. Chicago IL: Save the Date! September 12 - 14th

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    How do I plan to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Interminable House Move? By holding a 2 1/2 day blowout living estate sale including almost all of my Halloween props, costumes, masks, blow molds, and accessories! There is almost no storage space at the new place and if I'm to avoid...