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  1. Hello from the Chandler Carnival of Fear and Delight

    Member Introduction
    The pretentious name is more aspirational than actual. We put on a blacklight tent Halloween display for our Chandler AZ neighborhood each year. We get about 300 visitors each year. No charge and we don't collect money our donations. We give out balloons and glowsticks and candy (the visitor...
  2. Friday the 13th Sale

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Hey guys, we've got a Friday the 13th sale going on at pixelelixir.com this weekend only. Just use code FRIDAY13 at checkout and take 25% off all pins, patches & prints on our website (excluding new releases). Attached is a pic of our Halloween Reaper pin. It glows in the dark and comes with a...
  3. Other: Spooky Space Kook (Scooby doo) help

    Halloween Props
    I'm planning to build a space kook costume. Looking for help finding a method or an affordable product for making the suit glow blue in the dark. Anyone ever try blue glow in the dark pigment or some such? I know this is the prop area, but apparently nobody pays too much attention to the...
  4. Static: Help!! Prop hunt!! Tree faces fro spirit!

    Halloween Props
    So I have been desperately looking for more of these awesome Tree Faces I got from Spirit Halloween quite a long time ago, I am thinking about 10 maybe 11 years ago. They are some of my favorite pieces I own and I would love to find more! They are about 13 inches tall and came with Glow in the...
  5. Static: Scaryoke Neon Groundbreaker

    Halloween Props
    When one of my little cousins discovered I make halloween props she demanded I make one from the Gravity Falls episode scaryoke. Enjoying the show myself and not being one to disappoint I created this fellow. Unfortunately because I only had a small handheld blacklight I wasn't...
  6. Coolest Glow In The Dark Vampire Doughnuts!! + frankenstein + pumpkin

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Watch Halloween Video here --> http://youtu.be/hXHbzec6Y_A?list=PLTjwrfM-uftTDx2Dvo6inpICoQUATZYV7 :D Hi fellow Halloween lovers! I just wanted to share my incredibly easy halloween treat video. These are the coolest little vampire doughnuts and look so amazing in the dark. If you are having a...
  7. GLOW in The DARK Slime Recipe

    Glow in the DARK Slime..:) Homemade GLOW in The DARK Slime Recipe 2 Elmer’s white glue bottles (4oz) 3-4 tablespoons glow in the dark paint Water Neon food coloring 1 teaspoon borax 1/2 cup warm water Step one: Pour the white Elmer’s glue into a bowl. Fill the empty bottles with warm water...
  8. Static: Help finding a glow in the dark wall hanging

    Halloween Props
    I have been looking for five hours straight trying to find a halloween decoration I had about 10 yrs ago. It is a wall hanging portrait of a skeleton that glows in the dark. The portrait is 3-D, so it looks like the skeleton is coming out of the background. The background is all black. They...
  9. Other: UV powder

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone know anything about a UV powder, store bought or even homemade would be fantastic! The reason I am asking is we have 4 actual firing cannons, with the help of some balloons and some baby powder to create the effect that we are going for, we just hoped to have something a little more...