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  1. You know you have awesome coworker when they give you this for bday

    General Halloween
    You know you have awesome coworker when they give you this for bday I walk into my desk today and find this totally made my birthday morning whoot
  2. Other: How to make a baby carriage shake- help please!

    Halloween Props
    I just acquired an old-fashioned baby carriage, and I would like to use it on my haunted hayride. I am thinking of glow sticks inside to give it an eerie glow, and playing sounds of weird distorted baby crying. I'd like to have it shake at some point, suggesting there is something violent and...
  3. Tried my hand at making stones, some lessons learned

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I have been wanting to try to make some tombstones for a while, but it was always on the back burner. After watching JasonB5449's tutorial as well as a few others on youtube, I figured I'd give it a shot. I always kind of thought these would be easy, but there's no doubt it can be ultra easy...
  4. Static: Soccer Ball + Goal Post = Man Eating Plant

    Halloween Props
    So lets say it's Halloween month and you just happen to find an old soccer ball, the remnants of a goal post and some free time. Hmmm, what to do??? A) sharp knife B) attach ball to wire hanger and insert into/around the goal post B) green paint C) foam teeth + hot glue = A) aluminum foil...
  5. Static: Help naming my Singing pumpkins

    Halloween Props
    Hey Folks.... Finally going to set up a singing pumpkins display this year and wanted to give them each a name, but I'm drawing a blank. Any ideas for names for my 3 singing pumpkins?
  6. From New Hampshire

    Member Introduction
    I run a free haunt here in New Hampshire and am always looking for new ideas. I have 20 acres to play with so this seems like this is the perfect place for me. Always looking for fellow haunters. If you are in the area give me a yell.
  7. Halloween Newbie-Kim in Texas

    Member Introduction
    I threw my first Halloween party last year and am hooked. I am officially the crazy Halloween lady of my neighborhood. I'm on a budget and there's almost nothing from the dollar store that I don't have. Give me some advice, tell me where to start. I have kids 9-12 so nothing too graphic.
  8. 19 Insane Haunted Houses You Need to See!

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Buzzfeed has had a run on Halloween related stories lately & this is just one of them. 19 Terrifying Haunted Houses You Should Experience Before You Die Not sure why anyone would go through #19 but to each his or her own I suppose. Anyone that's been through any give us your feedback please.
  9. HAUNTED RADIO: hhn, svengoolie, house of shock, ghoultide, & more!!

    Announcements / Press Releases
    This week on Haunted Radio, we are featuring news on Svengoolie, Halloween Horror Nights Orlando, Ghoultide Gathering, Hundred Acres Manor, the House of Shock, and more!! Then, we give you next week's complete list of dvd & blu-ray releases, and then we review the 1995 remake of "Village of the...
  10. Static: Is the Devil in the Details?

    Halloween Props
    I'm preparing for my first garage haunt (moving in from the front porch), and I've found myself scrutinizing the details. It'll be a witch's cave, so to give you an example, I'm looking into small bottles for potions, and I plan to print up labels, give them an aged look, use twine, etc. When I...
  11. Australian

    Member Introduction
    I've looked at this forum for years now and have decided to be a member instead of just lurking. We love doing up our house for halloween. Unfortunately as Australians we don't get all the props that the US do so we either make our own or pay the "EXTRA" postage. Even with finding things on the...
  12. Lightweight Concrete

    General Halloween
    While perusing the threads within one I came across a 'recipe' for lightweight concrete. I think they were using them for tombstones. The stones we have now are straight concrete..I'd like to give the lightweight recipe a try but I can't find it and the google search didn't give me much. I...
  13. Ideas for Tempt your Fate consequences?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Going to play Tempt your Fate during this year's party and have gotten some really good ideas for consequences from this forum. Here is a list of what I have so far: 1. Arrrrrr- Give them an eye patch and they have to talk like a pirate for the next _____ amount of time 2. Scarerades- Give them...