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    www.halloweenadvisor.com Welcome to HalloweenAdvisor.com, the up and coming home of all things Halloween. Our goal at HalloweenAdvisor.com is to bring you quality information and reviews for haunted attractions, businesses, paranormal tours, special effects artist, and everything in-between...
  2. Other looking for a decorator

    Halloween Crafts
    Looking for a skilled decorator to come out to my haunt in Ny and give us a hand for the 2015 season. For more info please contact me [email protected] you very much.
  3. I did it!

    Member Introduction
    Glad to be apart of this great site. Not sure how long I've been lurking. Up front, thanks everyone for all your creative ideas and passion that helps fuel the celebration of Halloween. As a child I loved the simplest things parents did to decorate the porch to give a kids a scare. The season...
  4. Mechanical: Rocking Moldy Mommy

    Halloween Props
    Two part post! My local Halloween store is downsizing because, as they put it, "No one has the money to buy the big props anymore, and although my dream was always to entertain while selling Halloween, we can't afford to do it anymore." They said people coming into the store, pricing stuff out...
  5. Flexibility on what you do.

    General Halloween
    My wife has been telling me that i give tours that are too long,some become bored,she says,speed it up! Then tonight a young man who had a stroke at a very young age came here for the first time alone. He uses a cane to walk with,one leg doesn't function very well,He has one arm that also...
  6. Howlin' Halloween Revisited!

    Halloween Music
    Hi guys! So last year i adventured into remixing songs with Audacity and royalty free music. I used tracks from Me and my friends haunt album titled "Howlin'Halloween" Do give it a listen ive only got one track released so far. Enjoy!
  7. Making your party special

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    What kind of things do you do to make your party specail for your guest? What kind of favors do you give out? We usually have a trick or treat buffet with 8 to 12 different candies that our guest can make a bag and take with them or munch on them all night. What are some of your favorite...
  8. Hauntmaster Flex ECT

    Forum News and Rules
    I need directions for using the Hauntmaster ECT. If anyone has them, could you send me a copy? Let me know and I will give you my email address. Thanks in advance if you can. Kit
  9. look at what I got

    General Halloween
    a neighbor stopped my wife when she was outside and told her he had some Halloween if we would like it as she dose not do Halloween she took his #, he put on a small haunt at a friends house the next town over and has had a injury that has slowed him down, and was glad to give it to someone who...
  10. Halloween Half-Pagers

    Literature and Role-Playing
    Over at my blog I thought I would try something new, a half page Halloween story every week to give a quick horror fix... Here is the first one... PGG http://onedarkhalloweennight.com/halloween-half-pagers-bad-timing/
  11. Brutal Rust vs Rust Dust?

    Halloween Props
    I need a good faux rust for a boiler room and several "metal" doors. Has anyone had experience with either Brutal Rust or Rust Dust? Which was your preference? Or have you found a cheaper way to give the same look?
  12. Warmest thanks to all who participate.

    General Halloween
    Halloween is a unique time, in that everyone is given free license to be someone they're otherwise not, and behave in a manner they otherwise wouldn't. With this in mind, I wish to thank all those who participate in the current traditions with an attitude of civility and gratitude: The excited...
  13. For different reasons have many people stitched away from candy as treats?

    General Halloween
    I experienced something interesting last night. I do a large display you walk through a tent to get to the front door to get a treat bag. I stay on the side walk and the littles one too scared to go to the house I give the same bags too. There were a few little ones that came to see my display...
  14. Static: Jason has been replace by a Werewolf

    Halloween Props
    I have replaced my Jason Voorhees prop with a Werewolf, Jason just wasn't cutting it, so I had to give him the ax, LOL
  15. Admit it, you know you like it when...

    General Halloween
    ...you cause traffic jams in your neighborhood the day of. I'll admit it, I'm egotistical when it comes to my haunt. I like seeing and hearing about how congested it gets. Well you ask, how do you know you are at the root of congestion. Well because I've driven around all my streets in...
  16. As above so below costume idea

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    can you guys give me advice on how to create this costume for Halloween. Thanks.
  17. I just found out that I am that kind of jerk

    General Halloween
    So yesterday afternoon here where I work, they sent out an email message announcing a pumpkin decorating contest with prizes. Even though it was very late notice, I decided to give it a go. So between the hours of 11:30 pm and 3 am this morning, I completed my pumpkin decorating. I was eager...
  18. Candy Candy Candy So much Candy!

    General Halloween
    So I just went and stocked up on candy for this year's ToT's. My question for yall is how much do yall normally buy and how much do you give each ToT? Do you just reach in and give them a handful? Let them reach in and get their own or give each a set number of pieces? Just curious as to how...
  19. Static: Plastic Corpsing Technique on Giant Spider legs...

    Halloween Props
    Last year, for my first kinda sorta yard display I put together a sad, sad garbage bag spider with a victim in a tree. The minions (read: children) wanted it to have lime green legs. Okay, no problem. This year, I wanted to use those same legs since I had them lying around up in the attic. I...
  20. Axworthy Step by step

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    My hubby tried last year to do the flying ghost using the Axworthy system. It just didn't work out well. :mad: He ended up taking it all down the morning of the big day and we didn't get to do it. It is too late to get it done this year, but we really want to do about a 100 feet run for next...