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  1. Greetings from Houston!!

    Member Introduction
    Hello Boys and Girls...I'm new here and very excited to learn what I can to have the best yard in Houston!!
  2. 80s Slasher film turns Indie Horror Comedy....

    Horror Discussion
    Stumbled across "The Final Girls" trailer tonight - a comedy about a teenager who goes to a screening of a 80s slasher film (which her late mother starred in) and get sucked into the movie. Looks like fun. I think they nailed the look of the 80s stuff pretty well. BTW, there's another movie...
  3. Today and tonight Ravens Grin

    General Halloween
    Open this afternoon had three women from indianna ( 5 hours away, plus a young man from California. Then tonight we had three a "Dad" and two teenage girls. The "Dad" had been here four or more times,and HE was the one that tonight made THE BIGGEST SCREAM and JUMP! That I have seen in a long...
  4. Halloween slumbe party for 9-year-old girls

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    We are hosting 4 girls for a Halloween-themed slumber party next weekend. I need ideas on fun activities! My dad suggested some type of game where they get to videotape each other... but I can't think of what parameters to set. Would it be a game? I know they'd love to watch themselves. Any...
  5. Anyone's pets freaked out by the halloween decorations?

    General Halloween
    The dogs have been just ignoring the skeletons, probably because they don't move. Our corgi Ernie is totally freaked out by 'Gigantor' .. The big inflatable spider that's on the cottage roof. He can been seen up on the roof from the back yard. Ernie goes crazy, hackles raised and let's out a war...
  6. Walgreens Halloween Makeup

    We tried out two different packs of halloween makeup from Walgreens. They each came with a nose and were specific to a face such as a witch or a clown but you could easily use them for another costume. They were a little greasy but easy to remove, however left a little tint after removing the...
  7. Walgreens Halloween Makeup

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    We tried out two different packs of halloween makeup from Walgreens. One definitely worked better than the other but for a cheap price they were pretty good.