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  1. Halloween 2017 - Skeletons, spiders, and zombie pumpkin creatures

    General Halloween
    This is my first time sharing pictures of my yard display, though I have been "haunting" the forums for years. I've been slowly building my inventory of props (mostly hand-made), and I finally have enough worth showing off. You'll see a lot of familiar ideas that I procured from other posts on...
  2. Static: A new giant spider for 2017

    Halloween Props
    Finished my giant spider for this year - posted the build pics in the tutorial section, but these are the almost-final pics: You can see how big it is compared to my car parked right near it. I just had to do a little bit of paint touch-up after these pics were taken. There was a kind of...
  3. Other: Harry Potter Themed Outdoor Decor

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone! This is my first post as a new member. I can't believe I didn't join this forum years ago - I am a Halloween junkie year-round. Anyway, what finally kicked me into joining and posting on here is my outdoor theme this year, which is going to be all things Harry Potter. I am a HUGE...
  4. Pneumatic: Pneumatic Spider

    Halloween Props
    I don't think I posted this before. The Colorado Haunters group made these last year. Here is mine in action. Moderator, please delete this post. It is a duplicate of one posted in November. Thanks.
  5. 2011 Halloween Over Sized Party Props

    General Halloween
    Giant Spider 8' Reaper waiting on new souls This is just Funny ^^
  6. Prop Showcase: My first giant spider

    Halloween Props
    This is the first giant spider i am making, if all goes well i plan to make several more over the next year. The body measures just over three feet long.
  7. Prop Showcase: Giant Spider building help

    Halloween Props
    Hi I am new here just so u guys know. Me and my family are big on Halloween and always have fun makeing our house the scariest house in the neighborhood. We always have fun scaring the kids haa. Well every year we improve our haunted house. This year we wanted to make a giant organic looking...
  8. Static: Mutant Spider

    Halloween Props
    My Giant Mutant Spider. Props to Spider Ryder for the inspiration.