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  1. IMG_7153.jpeg

    Ecto-Outback parked in front of the Firehouse Sign.
  2. Halloween Props
    Fellow Haunters... Couple years back I purchased a bunch of Ghostbusters costume props and stashed them away. About a year ago I bought a white Subaru Outback. Of course, I knew immediately it would someday become my homage to the infamous Ecto 1. Over the months I've been gathering all the...
  3. General Halloween
    Since a thread has not been made for this yet I thought I would make one. Spirit released their first 2019 sneak peek today, and it is the "Terror Dog", also known as Zuul from Ghostbusters. It is a high price point at $499.99, but he is a licensed prop made of foam-filled latex and almost 5...
  4. Member Introduction
    Hello I just joined today. Every October it becomes really easy to locate my place, I'm sure many people here can relate. :D If you want to see some pictures of what I built in 2017 check out my gallery. Last years theme was Ghostbusters haunted artifacts. People really enjoyed being able...
  5. Halloween Props
    So in 2016 we decided to do Ghostbusters. Please note that we were not inspired by the dung-heap of a remake (or whatever that was) that recently came out, but we typically pick our themes several years in advance. I grew up loving the original for what it was and just wanted to pay tribute...
  6. Halloween Props
    Hello! I have a bunch of 1/2" PVS, some scrap wood, and two beat up pallets sitting in my garage. I typically have a kid friend haunt and a love of Ghostbusters. I am looking for any easy DIY projects that might work with these materials. Thanks!
  7. General Halloween
    We did a Ghostbusters theme this year for our party and ToTing. Partygoers in front of our Marshmallow man. My wife and I ready to bust some ghosts, and friends from out-of-town. There was a breach in the Ghost Containment System! The Spectral Viewing Portal. In Case of Breach...
  8. Halloween Music
    Anyone have a link to the Ghostbusters 1984 soundtrack album? Many thanks Spookmaster
  9. Halloween Props
    Hey everyone! Well despite some technical issues from massive rain storms I am up and running on my ghostbusters display. The p2 video has an added light I put on the fridge as I felt it needed some illumination outside of the strobe when triggered. Hope you enjoy!!
  10. Halloween Props
    Hey Everyone, I am doing a ghostbusters theme this year and have a few props I am in process of building. This one I just finished today and thought I would share. Will post others as I complete. Enjoy!
  11. Halloween Props
    Does anyone do a GB scene in their yard? Would love to hear about it. Thanks!
  12. Halloween Props
    Since we did a Ghosts theme for this year's Boo Bash, and it was the 30th anniversary of the movie Ghostbusters, I decided to pay a tribute to the movie. One of the props I undertook was to make a quick version of the Ghost Containment Unit, This was made from scrap lumber and parts, in about...
  13. Announcements / Press Releases
    The HALLOWEEN EDITION of the BIG SCARY SHOW is now online! Episode 66 Its Halloween, Haunters!! Ghostbusters in the house as Badger talks to Ernie Hudson from the iconic film on the 30th anniversary. also, the Unknown Scare-Actor chats with the Western Kentucky Ghostbusters, and Badger gets...
  14. General Halloween
    Looks like it's just the Ecto-1 and the minifigs - not the building. It's a start anyway. http://lego.gizmodo.com/lego-ghostbusters-is-official-1512451817
  15. Halloween Props
    Hi All, I just happened to see this original Ghostbusters prop on E-Bay. I have nothing to do with it or the sale of it, just a prop I can't afford. :-( -Doc
  16. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Well, seeing that this year is the 25th Anniversary of the classic comedy, GHOSTBUSTERS, I decided to build my own prop Proton Pack, the main tool of the Ghostbusting trade :) Anyone else plan on doing it this year? It's not very hard; but it does help to have some skill w/ power tools :D It...
1-17 of 19 Results