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  1. Other: Big Thunder Tumbleweed Sign

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    My favorite attraction at Walt Disney World due to it's thrilling ride and deep, complex, not well know, backstory! (BTW, the reason the trains are runaway is because they're possessed by restless native American spirits who are getting revenge on the miners who dug deep within & desecrated...
  2. Western Haunt 2011

    General Halloween
    Here is a picture from our 2011 haunt. We are very low budget and low man-power and this is our second year. More pictures in my album. We did create our own soundtrack blending western music and haunting screams. I don't have a lot of night photos, not sure why. This year our big purchases...
  3. Hell on Elm 2010

    General Halloween
    Well its was a awesome halloween. I built a ton of stuff this year and went over budget ( what budget). I wish i got more stuff out but still turned out great.. The best thing was the TOTs lookin and saying awe thats awesome or thats so cool. I just had to here that once and my year was...
  4. I have a few questions for my haunt

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    So I posted a question like this on Yahoo Answers, but I thought I'd get better advice from you guys. So my haunt theme has always been Ghost town/redneck. I have this year's planning done, but I have a few questions. 1. After two rooms, we have people go through a dark 8' by 8' room cut into...