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  1. Problem!!! Count vigor

    Halloween Props
    Hi Haunters, I am very experienced with props and especially Gemmy because they are very easy so he is collapsed from shipping but I can't get him back up. I'm thinking the white wire maybe in the way..... or the springs are old??? I really want him back up I really like him he's a great prop! I...
  2. Electronic/Software: Need help with moving eyes on gemmy skull hack...talking

    Halloween Props
    I used Jeff Haas's instructables hack for the talking skull by gemmy. The small circuit was a pretty easy build and works well. Many thanks to Jeff and the good folks who put that together. My problem is, my skull has the moving eyes controlled by a separate DC motor. The eyes turn one direction...
  3. Hi Everyone

    Member Introduction
    Hey guys I'm just a small town haunter from rural Nebraska. I like a traditional haunt compared to the bloody gory spray that some people enjoy. I specialize in fog based props and simple electronic ones. However I have not gotten into the whole animatronics area with the exception of a few...
  4. Static: Gemmy Mickey Mouse Vampire Greeter at Lowes $19.99!

    Halloween Props
    I saw this Gemmy Mickey Mouse greeter at Lowes yesterday. Not big on Mickey Mouse, but we are wanting to do a "bunny trail" for scared adults this year so this fit in nicely. But for as well made as it is, it was just $19.99! Can't beat that.
  5. Gemmy Whirl A Motion Witches With Cats

    Wanted to Buy
    I made a last minute change to my outdoor display theme and am now doing witches. Of course, the Home Depot Gemmy Projection Spotlight I picked up weeks ago was ghosts. I was so bummed to learn that the green witches with cats spotlight is sold out online and in the HD stores near me. :(...
  6. Gemmy Haunted Heads/Brain with Mouth props PLEASE VIEW Gemmy Tornado Globe BNIB

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    If you have any gemmy haunted heads, or the brain with teeth that has a mouth on TOP and does not crawl, then I will trade you my unopened ghost tornado globe, which is roughly the size of a spirit ball. It should work, but original batteries are dead. Pic of tornado globe...
  7. Gemmy Glow Ups Lighted Feet

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    EDIT: I have added the second set to the box and weighed the box, it does bump up the price of postage but I am selling BOTH sets for $10.00. One foot on set two is missing the original ground stake so I improvised and added my own (see photo) I have had these Gemmy Glow Up glow feet for years...
  8. FG's collection cull volume 1: Gemmy stuff

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I am trying to downsize some of the stuff I've collected over the years as I'm running out of space. :D Gemmy Talking Skull Platter (circa ~2007) $25 + shipping Item is used with very minor wear), without box or other packaging. Does still have the "try me" button attached. Item in good...
  9. Gemmy 3ft Treeter Greeter - Skeleton with GEMMY try me button for haunted head(s)

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    The Treeter Greeter's button is the small one, but it can work on life sizes, as it has the bigger jack. it can also be activated by spirit buttons. There is NO bowl, and the clear plastic overlay is cracked on one eye severely, but does not affect functionality. I will only trade it for one of...
  10. Mechanical: My Gemmy Cauldron Witch - Updated for 2015

    Halloween Props
    I told myself no animation set ups until October 1st... But I could not wait! I set up my Gemmy misting cauldron witch today. The LED lights in the cauldron are not working but everything else is, including the mist! I updated her this year, with a higher quality wig and better hat. I also...
  11. Gemmy Witch Crystal Ball Animated

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    PRICE $ 90 Dollars plus shipping Hello, selling my Gemmy Crystal ball animated witch head. Works great ! in perfect shape, This is the large one, i know they made 2, and this is the bigger one, The only flaw there is a tiny scratch on the side of it, where the silver part is. Does not affect...
  12. Lighting: Gemmy "Short Circuit" Light Bulb

    Halloween Props
    I thought I'd post this here for anyone interested, I just got back from Home Depot and they had Gemmy's new Short Circuit bulb that is an actual light bulb which is capable of screwing into a light socket. I picked up two, I'm planning on using them inside the overhead lamps on my porch...
  13. Wanted - Gemmy Halloween Light Show

    Wanted to Buy
    If anyone is selling a Gemmy Halloween Light Show box, please let me know! The one I have blew a triac, (I think) so one of the channels doesn't work :p Thanks! Tim
  14. Gemmy Haunted Gramophone Review

    Product Reviews
    Received my gemmy Gramophone from Walmart the other day. It's pretty cool novelty item The record moves and it plays 3 Halloween themed songs. My biggest complaint is that it's not true to size. I didn't read the demensions, which makes it look cheesy. I still enjoy it for the price, but wish...
  15. 9 ft.Gemmy Grim Reaper

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    9 ft. Grim Reaper Archway from Gemmy, light built in ,$70.00 plus shipping.
  16. Gemmy Eyeballs

    Halloween Props
    I really appreciate a couple of you reviewing the ghost and purple fire and ice lights. I would have ordered them so I appreciate the videos and honest reviews. Today I received the Gemmy lighted moving eyeballs and hopefully I can avoid anyone else wasting their time and money.
  17. mad scientist.(2008)... gemmy fat butler ... gemmy animated doorman

    Wanted to Buy
    you have one of these and want to sell?? please let me know !! ANYONE WHO LIVES IN PHOENIX, ARIZONA please PM me.
  18. Can someone please pick up a mummy dog for me?

    General Halloween
    I will pay you, or I have things to trade like a tekky rocking bat or gemmy zultan spirit ball? Please help before they are all sold out.... :(
  19. animated monster/party monster, gemmmy elctrical beating heart, mad scientist 2008

    Wanted to Buy
    looking for animated/party monster .. does not need to be fully functional.. just looking for part from the head looking for beating electrical heart from gemmy(reasonably priced) looking for spirit Halloween mad scientist from 2008- working or not. just describe price and condition D
  20. Other: Gemmy 6ft butler

    Halloween Props
    I have a Gemmy 6ft Butler someone said is rare. I have dancing singing skeleton too. Bought at yardsale. How much are they worth. Excellent condition with boxes.