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  1. Mechanical: Bring back the gemmy animated crypt keeper prop !

    Halloween Props
    Hi,i just joined to ask if anybody believes that this would be a great idea ! I Have been searching for a way to possibly create a petition page of some sort and a group to give Gemmy the idea to bring back the Crypt Keeper Animated prop. Anybody thinking the same ? ;)
  2. Electronic/Software: What size is Hannibal Lecters shoulder motor?

    Halloween Props
    I am having problems trying to find out what size motor runs the shoulders on my Life Size Animated Gemmy Hannibal Lecter. I am told its either 8v 10v or 12v...Does anyone know please?
  3. Pictures from Halloween&PArtyExpo/Transworld of the Sunstar Booth?

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    I have a big interest in the items at the sunstar booths by Gemmy Industries. did anybody take pictures of their booth this year?
  4. Help with fair value of animated Gemmy Frankenstein, TIA

    Halloween Props
    I was fortunate to pick up a nice lot of Halloween décor; including an animated Gemmy Frankenstein, like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buKkxwzv048 I'd like to know what a fair value he is. I really like it and don't want to sell Frankie; but if he can fund a lot of other props, then...
  5. lifesize gemmy animatronics

    Wanted to Buy
    looking to purchase any broken life gemmy animatronics- any condition.. for parts. i will pay $60+prepaid shipping in the USA for ones with one torso motor eg butlers, dracula, shivers, hannibal i will pay $80 +prepaid shipping in the usa for one with 2 torso motors eg myers, freddy, jason...
  6. Rare big Gemmy inflatables

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    As my yard haunt expands, it's time to start getting rid off my older, rare big inflatables. I have the 11ft Gemmy organist that lights up and plays creepy music. The ghouls stopped spinnimg, but I'm sure someone with know how can fix them. Also I have the Gemmy 12' Animated Carriage Hearse...
  7. Electronic/Software: Has anyone ever taken off a gemmy figure off their base?

    Halloween Props
    Was wondering if anyone ever tried this is it pretty easy to do I wouldn't want to mess up any electrical things down there. I wanted to dress a gemmy prop different with a different costume!
  8. Electronic/Software: Gemmy Halloween 2016 Sighting in stores/online

    Halloween Props
    The Gemmy Halloween Archive seems to have photos of new items, but there could be more.
  9. WTB: Gemmy Cauldron Witch

    Wanted to Buy
    Hello I am looking for a Gemmy lifesize cauldron witch in good working condition. I am located in Ontario. It looks like this:
  10. New Here!

    Member Introduction
    Hey everyone, I'm Jack and I'm new here on the forum. I've been a lurker for a while and finally decided to join. I'm 17 and a huger horror fan. My mom's birthday is Halloween, so we've always gone "all out" on decorating. My most recent purchase was Gemmy 2006 Leatherface, which I am waiting...
  11. WTB Dead Eye Drake from Gemmy

    Wanted to Buy
    Hi We are looking to buy the animatronic pirate Dead Eye Drake from Gemmy please let me know if you have one for sale. Thank you much
  12. WTB: Gemmy cauldron witch

    Wanted to Buy
    Looking for Gemmy cauldron witch I'm looking for a lifesize Gemmy cauldron witch. I would like it in good working condition with box preferably.
  13. I knew it! Gemmy and PMG

    General Halloween
    Lately I've been noticing a lot of Gemmy products looking like PMG products, but today I found out http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20120906005878/en/CSS-Industries-Announces-Sale-Halloween-Portion-Paper First, Gemmy has been re releasing a lot of PMG masks over the years, this includes...
  14. Lighting: Gemmy LightShow App Lights

    Halloween Props
    While at HOME DEPOT today, I noticed that Gemmy has come out with new lighting that is controlled by your cellphone/tablet's app. These are listed as being Exclusive to Home Depot this year. You buy these specially designed LED lights (come in sets of several together depending on the type) to...
  15. Looking for 2015 Gemmy Purple dragon airblown

    Wanted to Buy
    Hi everyone I am looking for the 2015 Gemmy Fire and ice 9' Purple dragon. These sold out and I was super bummed so I was hoping maybe someone had one that they were willing to let go. Please let me know if you have one so we can discuss a price and shipping. Thanks
  16. Mechanical: JabberJaw DONE Gemmy Skull Hack Video Inside!!!!

    Halloween Props
    Hacked a Gemmy Skull, adding eight different sayings. First of many updates this year. Keep checking back. Let me know what you think. Happy Haunting
  17. Other: Gemmy Industries Treater Greeter Witch Variant?

    Halloween Props
    Hi guys! I came across some pictures of an unusual version of the Gemmy Treater Greeter Witch sold in 2009 at Michaels. The one on the box is the normal one and the one with the gold belt and green bag is the unusual one. Have you ever seen it before? Is she rare? :)
  18. Electronic/Software: life size gemmy animatronics

    Halloween Props
    I thought that heads up hilda was made by gemmy to find out that the entire series.. heads up harry heads up harry clown...
  19. Problem!!! Count vigor

    Halloween Props
    Hi Haunters, I am very experienced with props and especially Gemmy because they are very easy so he is collapsed from shipping but I can't get him back up. I'm thinking the white wire maybe in the way..... or the springs are old??? I really want him back up I really like him he's a great prop! I...
  20. Electronic/Software: Need help with moving eyes on gemmy skull hack...talking

    Halloween Props
    I used Jeff Haas's instructables hack for the talking skull by gemmy. The small circuit was a pretty easy build and works well. Many thanks to Jeff and the good folks who put that together. My problem is, my skull has the moving eyes controlled by a separate DC motor. The eyes turn one direction...