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  1. $10 Grab Bags Galore

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    Chance for a steal of a deal! We're clearing out some of our inventory at a massive discount. Every bag is at least a minimum of a $40 value for a bargain of only $10! Each Grab Bag is completely unique and random (while supplies last)! Below are just a few of the many items your bag could...
  2. NEW Barrel Hubs!

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    Brace yourselves! Once you try a Barrel Hub, you'll leave set screw and standard clamping hubs behind. Our product line already includes the common 1/4" D-Bore Barrel Hub and now we're introducing 6mm D-Bore and 8mm Lead Screw Barrel Hubs! The beauty of barrel hubs is they're balanced and...
  3. 99¢ sale!

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    It's crazy, we know, but yes it's true - hundreds of products each less than $1! It's like the Dollar Menu for parts! Now through Monday, May 27th while supplies last! Not valid with other discounts/promotions. https://www.servocity.com/ Including, but not limited to: Batteries Servo Leads...
  4. MY life size music box dancers

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    So several years ago my wife had the idea of having Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers in our display (both skeletons). Like most props I make it is my wifes idea that i make become reality. So here it is. Stared out with an octagonal frame that is 47.5" from point to point. Bottom layer...
  5. Menacing Molly Gear Replacement

    Halloween Props
    My Menacing Molly from Spirit Halloween needs a new 'neck' gear that swings her head forwards and back (before she leans backwards). I've tried to contact Spirit Halloween several times over the last few months but I never received a reply from their support. I don't want to replace the whole...
  6. National Robotics Week SALE!

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    Stock up on all your favorites during our largest sale of the season now through April 12th & enjoy FREE Standard Shipping! 20% OFF Hitec Servos 30% OFF Futaba Servos 75% OFF Futaba Style Wiring & Extensions 30% - 60% OFF Actobotics 40% - 63% OFF Motor Blowout and gears, sprockets, hubs...
  7. Free Halloween Stuff for those in Denver - Moving, getting out of the haunt game

    General Halloween
    Hey all, It's been many years and I just haven't been into it lately. I'm moving to Texas and have quite a bit of gear to get rid of. If you live in Colorado and want it, you're more than welcome to it. I live in Parker and it will go to first come first serve. No I will not be posting a...
  8. CYBER MONDAY SALE - SERVOCITY up to 65% off !!

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    It's our BIGGEST SALE of the year including blowing out ALL Futaba items at 30% OFF! Starting now! Up to 30% OFF Receivers Futaba 30% OFF Hitec Servos 25% OFF 35% OFF Actobotics 25% OFF Gear Motors & Actuators 65% OFF Extensions, Leads, Connectors & Adaptors...
  9. Mechanical: Zultan issues...curtains again

    Halloween Props
    My curtains want to bounce 1/2 open. I have taken the gearbox off, removed the motor and inspected the "wandering gear". Mine appears to be stationary. I even tried to move it with a small screwdriver...no luck. Any ideas. I love the Zultan and do not wish to tie the curtains back. Sincerely, Dave
  10. NEW Worm Gears!

    For Sale By Merchants
    Take advantage of the compact 27:1 gear reduction these Worm Gear Sets provide. Increase durability, help eliminate backdriving, and increase torque with these sets in your builds! Available in both 1/4" D-Bore Worm Gear and 6mm D-Bore - 1/4" Round Bore Worm Gear...
  11. SALE Now on Hitec Servos & Gear Motors - ServoCity

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    Save on Hitec Servos for your upcoming Animatronic projects this Halloween !!! 25% off ALL Hitec Servos and Gear Motors !!
  12. Tech Tip - How to Replace a Servo Gear Set

    For Sale By Merchants
    In this latest Tech Tip, Kyle explains how to replace your servo gear sets.
  13. Dayton 2Z806C Gear Motor (6 RPM)

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    SOLD! Dayton 2Z806C Gear Motor (6 RPM) Hi all, I have an original Dayton 6 RPM gear motor up for grabs. This was the original go to motor for building Flying Crank Ghosts before they stopped making it. It is 115 volt AC and has a plug in power cord. This motor has seen very little use and is in...
  14. Mechanical: Prop help / stabbing arm gear issue

    Halloween Props
    The good news: After years of searching , I have finally obtained my all time sought after prop. The Morbid Enterprise Life Size Capt. Spaulding animated prop. He was in great shape and the head and mouth move and sound is clear and loud but the armature that attaches to the gear box that...
  15. Needing a gear

    Wanted to Buy
    I am needing a plastic gear, for a pop up ghoul.
  16. 4 small gear motor assemblies

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have 4 small gear motor assemblies available. $18 each plus shipping. 1) 110 volt AC 6 RPM gear motor with machined mount, die cast hub for attaching motor to a prop. 2) 110 volt AC 6 RPM gear motors with machined mount and a 1/2" PVC neck attached. Could be used for making a head rotate...
  17. Mechanical: Jumping Spider Fail

    Halloween Props
    I'm having one of my jumping spiders spazing out. It jumps fine, but when the arm retracts it starts to slip on the gear that moves it and keeps flying back up. I took it apart and examined the gear teeth on the arm and on the gear the motor turns and there's no broken teeth or wear that I can...
  18. Static: Need Help with Creature Reacher

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone, I need some help with a prop / costume. I have a creature reacher costume and the neck gear is missing. This mask actually sits on top of your head so if anyone has one of these can you post a pic or two of the neck gear so I know what I need to do to make it. I found one link to...
  19. Working gargae door opner...worm drive.

    To all, I have a working garage door opener which I assume has massive torque. I would like to use it and its 12' of good/working worm gear drive to fly a "monster" down & back. My limiters works <micro switches> so I assume that I would just need to "fly" the worm gear track that is good from...
  20. Mechanical: What to do with these motors?

    Halloween Props
    Greetings fellow haunters! ;) After the 4th of July is when my decomposing brain starts thinking about Halloween. When it gets going, trust me it gets going! This year's Halloween isn't going to be as bad as last year due to the fact that it falls on a Monday. The hood is anticipating...