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  1. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I have a cheap, flimsy Frankenstein mask I bought at Walmart several years ago. The paint job on it is terrible, but I always thought the sculpt was kind of cool. I decided to make it into a piece of wall art. This is what the piece looked like coming out of storage. The mask was wrinkled...
  2. Halloween Props
    Annabelle's reflection gave me a little scare while recording a video . Do u see what i see? Its just her dress reflection but it got me lol
  3. Halloween Props
    Sorry all, I could not figure out how to rotate the pics. :( This year, my wife challenged me to create a theme based on a swamp or bayou. I started with some old fence panels turned on their side and attached. I added a porch of pallets and cut one pallet in half to create a dock. The...
  4. Halloween Props
    A couple days ago I purchased a 6ft animated Butler Greeter prop 50% off from the AtHome store. https://www.athome.com/butler-greeter/124236783.html When I set it up the audio started stuttering and it stopped working completely. I called the store and they gave me the choice of returning it...
  5. General Halloween
    The last set of guest in 2017 gave me a memorable keepsake. I think the timing was perfect.
  6. Halloween Props
    I had this Furreal cat for my organ grinder that I wanted to turn into a monkey. Here he is in his white fur: SO I skinned the cat down to bare "bones." Excuse his violent "poo flinging" action... I fixed that later... I finished him up with some brown fur and gave him a little tin cup...
  7. General Halloween
    So, we go camping every year and set up a display. Last year we Gave out candy, Huggies, trinkets, dog treats and even had peanuts for the people that wanted them. Well, this year, we picked up our order of a case of peanuts from Texas Roadhouse, and upon hearing what we do, they gave us free...
  8. General Halloween
    Wife ran across this today someone posted on Facebook. Thought I'd share gave me a good laugh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRJkvUW5j0o Enjoy!!!:p
  9. Halloween Props
    Bought this cutie at Home Depot this year, (really wish Home Depot Canada sold the giant horse versions tho but I'll deal with my lil boy!!) Anyways, thought he looked rather plain, so I gave him over 4 coats over Rustoleum glow in the dark paint. Then I got a rag and black spray paint and gave...
  10. General Halloween
    Since the Home Depot 6 ft. skeleton horse was arguably the hottest new item this year. I thought it would be fun to see what everyone did with their horses this year. I gave my horse a friend to keep him company while strolling through the cemetery. :D .
  11. General Halloween
    Do parts of the country have SNOW during Halloween? I grew up in Chicago and spent 40 years in CommieFornia, before moving to Kentucky, so I never gave much thought to kids TOT'ing in the snow. How does the snow affect the lights, and the props? What about the costumes? .
  12. Halloween Props
    I picked up one of the wolves at HD and he's awesome. My youngest daughter made me do it...LOL. Anyway, he was just too hygienic for me so I gave him the once over with some black spray paint. Looks much more aged now. Before and after. What do you all think?
  13. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    My birthday is July 30th and this year my family really made it special! They gave me a Haunted Mansion themed birthday. We started the day making our version of Miss Kitty and her five birdies. Her is the original and then my version.I still need to go back and age them but they are getting...
  14. Halloween Costume Ideas
    We are doing a Wizard of Oz group theme this year. I already have Dorothy and the Scarecrow done. (I got the easy stuff out of the way first) now I am moving on to the harder pieces. I am trying to make a Tin-Man that's not totally cheesy and cheap looking but I don't have a lot of knowledge...
  15. General Halloween
    A coworker friend that knows I'm "into Halloween" (hehehe) just gave me TWO of these! They are in pristine condition - no scratches or anything and look as if they are brand new! She said she'd had them forever, so they are originals not repros. wow! I looked them up, and they are 1960s litho...
  16. Halloween Props
    I just got my delivery from Froggy's today minutes before I had to head into work. I have two machines I'm running, one to my Bone of Arc and the other to the cauldron creep. In a bit of twisted humor I decided to order the barbeque scent to run with the burned at the stake prop. Opened up...
1-16 of 25 Results