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  1. Halloween Props
    Hey all, Looking for 12"+ gargoyle figures to put on my cemetery gate columns this year. I've look all over and it seems what I find is either too small, or too large/expensive. Anyone know of a good source? Thx.
  2. Halloween Props
    I've been very busy this year and haven't had much time for props like I usually do but my daughter and I did manage to build this mausoleum facade to house my laser vortex. We'll make the gate next year.
  3. General Halloween
    Hey everyone, So I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but hey, that appears to be how I do things! We have a big set up this year with a massive yard haunt with a( blood fountain, spider zone, graveyard, tunnel made from 'skin', and various spots for scaring throughout,), a witches...
  4. Halloween Props
    Hi All, One of my big concerns in building props is being able to store them for next year. While I have a decent size house - my decorations tend to be big - the bigger the better. This year I am building a new fence and gate and wanted to make some cool pillars. I work in the sign and...
  5. Halloween Props
    Forgive me if this has been asked before. I'm planning on making an alien from the film "Devil's Gate", The skeleton will be PVC but I need to bulk up some areas with paper mache, or something. This prop needs to be waterproof to stand up to fall weather in MI. Once I get the body the way I...
  6. Halloween Props
    I'm trying to get a couple of these gate columns done by halloween - here is where I'm at on the first one. I've put foam in areas where I'm shooting for a masonry/cement look and want those parts to look old, cracked, etc. Any ideas on a good methodology for this effect? I have some monster...
  7. Halloween Props
    I recently came across a fence that I've adapted for in front of my graveyard. It's naturally weathered and looks perfect and covers the entire 40 foot front of the area. It has a small gate that I want to insert in the middle and use a wiper motor to open and close the gate, obviously with...
  8. Halloween Props
    Hey guys! I've been building up my cemetery for the last few years and I'm not at the point where its big enough and I've decided to add an entrance gate. I've already built the entrance pillars but I'm having a hard time deciding on how to design the gate and add a cemetery sign above. I was...
  9. General Halloween
    New to the forum but here is what I ended up with for my 2017 yard display *** a little weak this year because all of September I was planning a wedding*** Handmade Tombstones... Handmade Cemetery Gate... Before Paiting Cemetery Lighting at Night... Thoughts? Opinions? -Tyler
  10. Halloween Props
    Started this project right after Halloween. Since our display has gotten bigger and more money has been invested in it we have been increasingly worried about vandalism, so making a more substantial fence than the flimsy pallet board fence we used the past two years has become a priority. The...
  11. Halloween Props
    To clarify, this is a homemade prop. The gate itself is made of PVC and 1" x 2" wood with two wood columns covered in foam board made to look like stone on either side. The gate is attached to the columns by tee hinges and opens inwards. Each side of the gate is 8' long. My question is how could...
  12. Halloween Props
    Has anyone made a PVC gate that actually works? Either manually or otherwise...
  13. Halloween Crafts
    I needed to make a new gate for the stairs for our dog. Here are a few progress pictures. Starting Engraving Rough engraving Sanded and Stained Hardware prepared, Edges banded
  14. Halloween Props
    starting my new project will be to 3 headed dogs to guard my gate on Halloween, any helpful advice would be appreciated
  15. Halloween Props
    I finished the first new prop for 2015. I thought he cemetery needed a gate. Since the fence is all wrought iron I went with a wrought iron gate and two corner pieces, They are made out of PVC pipe and wood. The decorative crosses were a clearance special at Hobby Lobby and the scroll work...
  16. Halloween Prop Building Group
    I'll be making a cemetery gate entrance complete with pillars on each side topped with gargoyles. I haven't searched the forum yet but will do so shortly for ideas. Any advice is certainly welcome! My initial thoughts were pvc pipe and foam construction. Then again, I could use a light wood...
1-20 of 25 Results