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  1. Static: Gargoyles

    Halloween Props
    Hey all, Looking for 12"+ gargoyle figures to put on my cemetery gate columns this year. I've look all over and it seems what I find is either too small, or too large/expensive. Anyone know of a good source? Thx.
  2. Animatronics for sale Charlotte NC

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have tons of animatronics for sale located outside of Charlotte NC looking to sale all together $5,000 Uncle Charlie Regan rising Reagan standing Demonica both years Timmy tumbles Static props farmer and wife Zombie pop up toilet Twitching Banshee Harvester Deadwood Limb eating Cerberus...
  3. Locked in Darkwind Castle

    Literature and Role-Playing
    (I was going to make this my first horror book, but ultimately scrapped the idea.) High upon a mountain top, I saw the great stone spires piercing the dark clouds. The keep stood on top of Darkwind peak as though they were ruins of an age long passed. Below, I could see the town, which, at...
  4. Static: Added something new

    Halloween Props
    Decided to add one of Sprits gargoyles to the mix.
  5. looking for gargoyles in the houston texas area

    Wanted to Buy
    tried making my own, but not scary enough for my liking
  6. Static: costco gargoyles

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone know if Costco will carry the gargoyles in store this year they are sold out online they were like 100 which is a steal spirit wants way more.
  7. Static: Two beat up gargoyles - best way to fix them up?

    Halloween Props
    Let me know how you all think I should repair these guys - some kind of clay or caulk? Thanks!
  8. Help remember the name

    General Halloween
    For the life of me I can't remember the name. There is an amazing home haunt where they had a church facade as part of it. They have also done some impressive tutorials on building large gargoyles that look like they are carved from real stone. I am fairly sure the name of the haunt ends in...
  9. Gargoyles in Arizona

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I'm clearing out everything due to a long-distance move...pick-up is preferred to shipping as these guys are a little big. All of them were made by hand using the Stolloween tutorial. Construction is paper mache and paper mache clay, then painted and dry-brushed. I had a health issue pop up at...
  10. Help

    General Halloween
    I purchased two gargoyles several years ago. During a wind storm this year a column took a direct hit and destroyed one of them. Any one knows where I might pick up another one. I have searched the net but have been unsuccessful.
  11. Static: gargoyles made from old tires

    Halloween Props
    gargoyles made from old tires
  12. 2 large gargoyles needed

    Wanted to Buy
    So we had a change of plans, and now i'm looking for 2 large gargoyles. They will be sitting on a styrofoam pillar 5' tall , base is 18"x12" . So i need them kind of large but not to heavy. Anyone have a couple to sell ? Or have you seen any in your travels, oh yah i really dont want to spend...
  13. Static: Attaching gargoyles to columns?

    Halloween Props
    I found 2 gargoyles and 2 gazing ball columns at RiteAid for 75% off. The gargoyles sit on the columns pretty well and I would like to attach them. What is the best way to do that? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  14. thinking of vampires

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So I'm thinking this year I might actually do a theme. Vampires with gargoyles and dragons, very goth. Anybody have any good ideas?
  15. Static: Almost done with Gargoyle X - Busted Texting!

    Halloween Props
    The gargoyle that just got busted texting...or maybe updating his Facebook status. I gutted an old smart phone (which he is holding) and will be putting in a small LED that will shine up under his face. Just thought I'd have a little fun with this one. :D Still have a little drying time and...
  16. Static: Gargoyle Number Three - Finished!

    Halloween Props
    Just finished him up this morning - only three more to go! The trio together:
  17. Static: Gargoyles, gargoyles...and more gargoyles :)

    Halloween Props
    Last year I created my first gargoyle (based on the tutorial posted at Stalloween) - I'm building five more this year, and thought I'd share. My first one is completely done, second will be finished tomorrow, and three more in the works. They stand about 19-20 inches tall, and have a wingspan of...
  18. Dragons for sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    SOLD ----- SOLD This pair is for sale. These have a gold finish to them. They are foam cast and measure 12"X13"X20". Great additions for your cemetery or castle setting. Send an email to [email protected]
  19. Prop Showcase: Target gargoyle toppers

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys... saw these at target and snatched a couple up as toppers for cemetary pillars... If anyone else is looking for something to top a foam pillar, I wanted to throw this out there. Weight doest seem to be much of an issue, they are $20 each though. Im sorry for the blurriness...must...