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  1. Static: Gargoyles

    Halloween Props
    Hey all, Looking for 12"+ gargoyle figures to put on my cemetery gate columns this year. I've look all over and it seems what I find is either too small, or too large/expensive. Anyone know of a good source? Thx.
  2. animatronic talking Gargoyle.

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    One of the last Animated props in my collection, a true collectors item. This is an Animated Talking Gargoyle. Motion activated, eyes light up, eye lids open and close, wings move back and forth and the Gargoyle talks with a moving mouth. Very rare to find one of these today and one that...
  3. SpiritHalloween 1/2 to Halloween Sale - savings up to 60%off select items limted time

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Just got an email about the Halfway to Halloween sale. They have a special tab for those sale items, Adult, kids, masks, decor and accessories. Examples: Pennywise 6ft. now 125.00; 10ft towering reaper, 150.00; 2.5ft victorian gothic gargoyle prop, 75.00. Expect these will go fast. Also saw a...
  4. Mechanical: At one time there was a webpage to some of the bguys, whom built...est DIY

    Halloween Props
    Hello all.... There was a group of guys who loved to build and create Cemetery Fences, Gargoyles, columns ect. The name of their web page was called "Wolfstone"....Does anyone know of their whereabouts? I have some Gargoyle Latex molds that I would like to build a frame -support for the, use a...
  5. Gargoyle Doorbell Pedestal

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hey Haunters! I found these awesome doorbells that poke your finger at CVS this year and just HAD to turn them into something cool. I used a sound activated gargoyle to make this prop animated when you press the button. I think it's gunna get a lot of people off guard in my interactive queue...
  6. New props for sale!!

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Most of the props on my previous post have been sold so decided to make a new updated post. WILL SHIP AT BUYERS EXPENSE OR LOCAL PICKUP 33928 FLORIDA #1 GEMMY 2005 FREDDY $350 #2 SAMANTHA ZOMBIE GIRL $150 #3 HD LAB MONSTER $150 #4 STICH WITCH SISTERS (NICE VERSION) $200 #5 TARGET...
  7. Thievery...

    General Halloween
    I always hoped it would not happen to me... Last night we had a party and set up the cemetery in the front yard, but we didn't bring everything inside before bed (usually we do same day set up/take down on Halloween). This morning I woke up to see only ONE of the two massive Home Depot...
  8. Anyone know where to get this gargoyle?

    Wanted to Buy
    I bought a gargoyle from Target in 2012 and ever since I've had it on the wall abutting the front garden of my house. I had painted it with United Nuclear europium based phosphorescent pain. Every Halloween, I'd put up 5-way splitter sockets with UV bulbs in them in the outside light fixtures...
  9. Static: Broken Gargoyle Wing Help Requested

    Halloween Props
    I bought two Gargoyles last year from Spirit. They were part of the display. They look great but...they are very fragile. They are made of plaster or resin. As I was putting away my stuff from last year one of my helpers bumped into the wing and broke it. I am trying to figure out how to...
  10. Electronic/Software: Talking Gargoyle Pedestal

    Halloween Props
    I've been working on a motion activated talking gargoyle pedestal. It was inspired by something I saw online. I have built the pedestal and primed it. Here are some pictures. I plan to paint it and the gargoyle Krylon fleck stone. Take a look and let me know what you think.
  11. Mechanical: 1995 Trendmasters Gargoyle Doornocker

    Halloween Props
    I found a great animated gargoyle doorknocker at a yard sale. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. When I unscrewed the back, I saw that a wire was loose but I don't know where to reconnect it. My photos didn't turn out clear enough to post, so I am hoping someone is familiar enough to help me with...
  12. Electronic/Software: I can make that for HALF the price!

    Halloween Props
    I saw this great prop at Spirit, our local Halloween store, but the price was outrageous! Its an electronic prop, but I design electronics for a living so I decided to make something similar. Basically the prop is a gargoyle sitting on a pedestal. When it detects motion the eyes light up and it...
  13. Static: Need adivce on repairing my Spirit Resin Gargoyle

    Halloween Props
    I got this resin gargoyle last year from my local Spirit store for a steal ($75 cash) becasue one of the wings was broken off. Any ideas on how to repair it? The wings attach via 2 bolts - you can see the one good wing and the broken one in my attached pics. The gargoyle is in good shape...
  14. Looking for Gemmy inflatable gargoyle tomb

    Wanted to Buy
    I'm looking for a Gemmy airblown inflatable gargoyle tomb. I believe it was made by Gemmy in 2009 and or 2010 but it is pretty much near impossible to find for sale anywhere today. This is my favorite inflatable ever made and I would be more than thrilled if I could get my hands on one. Please...
  15. Creepy gargoyle tattoo

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Would you have one?
  16. Video Review of the 2016 Costco Gargoyle Tombstone similar to Spirit Halloween

    Product Reviews
    Important! If you're thinking of buying the 43 inch tall Gargoyle Tombstone Haunters, I didn't know where to put this, but I wanted it obvious because it saved me major $. If you are thinking about buying the spirit halloween gargoyle located here...
  17. Static: Ghosts and Gargoyles 2013

    Halloween Props
    In 2013, my wife and I came up with doing a theme of a haunted mansion complete with a ghost couple on the lawn. My wife (Thanks to pintrest...) wanted to try making chicken wire ghosts. I decided we should go bigger than we had in the past and build a huge gargoyle for our "mansion". While...
  18. Someone who had a broken gargoyle last year?

    General Halloween
    Looking for the HFer who had a busted gargoyle on top of a column last year. There was much commiseration from us all on where to find a replacement. I saw this post in our Chicago area Craigslist. There are two 2'x2' foam filled gargoyles. I thought it might be possible to paint to look...
  19. 2016 Costco Halloween

    General Halloween
    Costco Pose-n-Stay Skeletons 2016 MOD NOTE: I've tried to see if an existing thread already had been active, but so far it's just specific items - multiple threads on their skeletons, witches, gargoyles - so I'm creating this to put all the 2016 Costco threads together. Merging to make it...
  20. Evolution of the Gargoyle Warrior

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    A couple of years back I put together a costume of a Gargoyle Warrior. It was not too bad even in its first year. The second year I added digitigrade stilts and some foam abs. Last year it was just refined a bit but I had some problems with the costume as I kinda rushed it to have it ready...