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  1. Starting over-best way to build flats ?

    Hello Forum, I have been off line for some time as in 2017 the local town made us an offer we could not refuse on the homestead. Long story short we relocated to a much smaller property and 2018 was our first year in the new place. I managed to get my yard set up and the neighbors and kids...
  2. "Nightmare on the Loop" Garage Haunt 2018 Progress

    General Halloween
    Finally "breaking ground" on construction of our annual garage haunt!! Only 1 week behind schedule, not bad. Thought I would document it this year for posterity. This is our floorplan from last year. We aren't changing the layout, but we do want to jazz up some of the rooms. ROOM 1 (entry...
  3. Garage Haunt 2017

    General Halloween
    This year our garage haunt is our biggest yet, and it's the first one I'm posting here from start-to-finish. We just finalized the layout. Construction begins in 2 weeks. The whole haunt is 18'x16' 6 rooms 3 animatronics (2 jumping spiders + 1 hanging zombie) 2 actors (in blue) ROOM 1...
  4. Prop Showcase: Pirate's Cove 2016

    Halloween Props
    Finally! Our video for Pirate's Cove 2016. We added some new things, got rid of some stuff that wasn't cutting it any more. Revamped the jumping spider, too! Likely the strangest video you'll watch today... :) Enjoy!!!
  5. Lights on Walk Thru (North Wales, PA)

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Hello Everyone. This is an open invitation for anyone that lives in or around Philadelphia, PA. I am having a lights on walk thru of my garage haunt in early October 2016. If you are interested in attending and meeting other like minded people, PM me. My website is www.halloweensnob.com
  6. Mechanical: Which works better for you: scary ambiance props or jump scares?

    Halloween Props
    I still consider myself new to home haunting. I have only a few props, and most of them are small items from Spirit Halloween. This year, I'm doing a small maze in the garage for the first time. Because I'll have room to spread out, I'm curious which works best for TOTers. Do you like animated...
  7. Dealing with Competing Sounds?

    General Halloween
    I'm putting up a small haunt in my garage this year. I only plan 4-5 props/scares, but I worry that the sounds from each area will compete with one another. Last year, I set up everything on our front porch. It was pretty obvious that the sound effects from the animatronics made it so you...
  8. 2016 Dungeon Garage Haunt Build

    General Halloween
    Hello friends. In 2014 I built an elaborate maze of dungeon walls in my two car garage. Due to other projects I was not able to set it up last year. This year however I am ready! It is mid August and 100+ degrees this week in PA but I have already redesigned the layout and put up all the...
  9. Let's Talk About Floors

    General Halloween
    I'm setting my small haunt in the garage this year for the first time. I'm looking for ideas on what to do with the floor. Granted, I don't need to do anything with the floor, but I've always wanted to use it as part of the scares. Here are some things I want to do, so if anyone has suggestions...
  10. Halloween Snob's 2014 Dungeon Themed Garage Haunt

    General Halloween
    Hello fellow souls: I have decided to include my garage into my home haunt this year. It is a two car garage with approximate area of 16' x 16' x 10' I would like to use this thread as a way to post my progress/pictures as well as consider the suggestions and critique of my fellow haunters...
  11. Resident Evill themed party

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    We had a zombie party where different areas of the house were tributes to different zombie movies. I devoted our entrance to Resident Evil. I turned our garage into an entrance to the Raccoon City research center. I found Resident Evil logos online which I printed onto sticker sheets. People...
  12. Build a zombie horde cheap

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I set up a garage haunt where kids would enter through a narrow entrance and be greeted by many zombies. This also doubled as an entrance for our party guests to a Halloween party. They would have to make their way through the zombies to get into the house. This was a big hit for our party...
  13. Video!! Halloween Yard Haunt

    General Halloween
    Day & Dusk Walk-through.Huge Front Yard Graveyard Display, 14 Horrifying Themed Rooms in the Backyard. Circus & Carnival Room, Tortured Room, Toxic & Mad Scientist Room, Slaughter House Butcher Room, Frozen Meat market Room, Baby Zombie Nursery Room, Swamp "TheRing" Room, Jason Room. Freddy...
  14. Haunted Forest Facade Prop

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    It SOLD!!! :)
  15. Yikes!!! Only 3 months left until Halloween!....

    General Halloween
    I can't believe how this year has past so very fast... Its as if I blinked and here we are again! Well my veins are starting to bulge and my hands are starting to get that cordless tool trigger finger itch!... :D Looks like it is time to step things up a notch! Are you ready HF members? I have...
  16. Integrated Haunt Control using DMX/VSA: Tutorial

    Castle of Terra has been using a computer to serve as central command for the control over the pneumatic props in it. Over the years there have been many questions and answers on how this is done. Thought I'd put up a general tutorial on how to use a computer, software and DMX signaling to run...
  17. Electrical Transformer: Tutorial

    Electrical transformers are accents you could use in a laboratory scene or electrical room at your haunt. You can make these using some funny things around your workshop. Hey, just like a mad doctor would :p For a quick rundown of how to put this together, please check this video out...
  18. Steel I-beams: Tutorial

    Steel I-beams are critical set pieces for an industrial/factory room in your haunt. Luckily, they are fairly simple to make using foam. Plus, they are just fun to have around the house. heheh. Here's a video of them scattered around the basement: Items Needed: (to make 6) One sheet...
  19. Czech Hedgehog Barrier: Tutorial

    Czech Hedgehogs are a military defensive barrier that are easy to replicate using 2x4's and one wood screw. Yeah! :D Use them plopped outside the haunt to add a fast military look or for the base of an elaborate display. Below, they are in a minefield/queue line: Here's a quick video...
  20. Broken Factory Window: Tutorial

    Here's a fake old factory glass window (55" tall x 53" wide) that will add an industrial look to your haunt. You can easily change up the size to fit your needs. I used the basic idea from TDK421 and adapted it for a wall that has no window. Here's TDK421's awesome idea...