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  1. horror

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    :cool: horror movies and games
  2. Pneumatic: Pneumatic Slenderman Prop Build

    Halloween Props
    Hey Haunters! So I took a much needed break after the season ended but I finally finished my video about my slender man prop. He's motion activated, runs on pneumatics and was a huge hit! He leans forward suddenly and his arms lunge out at you while he plays a sound effect from one of his video...
  3. How did your party go?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    My husband and I had a Halloween game night last night! We had invited five people, but two (roommates) were unable to make it due to being ill. Lots of leftovers (ham sandwiches, mashed potatoes, meatballs, chips, pop - the chip dip and veggies all went, though!). As for the games, we played...
  4. The Cabinets of Doctor Arcana

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    Hello Darklings! I am happy to announce the release of our new game.... Happy Halloween! :cool: The Cabinets of Doctor Arcana is a dark adventure game set inside the haunted mansion of a mysterious magician who vanished several years ago. Resolve a maze of riddles and perplexing puzzles to...
  5. First ever halloween party...need help.

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hello all! This will be the first year I am throwing a Halloween party. About 20 people will be coming so far but we can expect up to 30. We are ordering pizza/wings as the main food. I am a baker and crafter and I am looking for more ideas for food - especially snacks, apps, and desserts. It...
  6. Themed Tempt Your Fate ideas

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Seeking help for some good and bad fates for a 90s themed Halloween. A couple of years ago I did a Dead Rock Star Halloween theme and my good fates were rock stars that almost died and my bad fates were rock stars that actually died and it was a blast to research. It went over really well and...
  7. Sharing one of my party Scary Movie Games to play

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Every year I make a game that plays on a loop in our living room. The guests, when they feel like it, will watch the game and try and enter their guesses to win a prize. We have lots of stationary games at our party that people can passively participate in. The link below is to my Scary Movie...
  8. Night Gallery Theme- Ideas?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hey all- It's been a few years but I'm baaack! :D I recently moved into a small apartment- think 400 sq feet. Since It's so small, I'm thinking of doing 2 or 3 parties, so that everybody can make it without sitting, er, double decker! I'm thinking of doing a Night Gallery theme! Food, drinks...
  9. Pre-Teen Party

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    My daughter wants to have her own Halloween party this year with her friends, who are all about 12/13 years old. What are some fun games for them to play? Thanks!!! :)
  10. Need some help with party planning??

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    Hello Everyone. I'm new here. I am an absolute Halloween Fanatic! I actually have a question for you all tonight. I am trying to make information sheets for games for my guests for this Halloween. ( I like to have everything planned very early as you call tell. But also i'm going travelling at...
  11. Calling all Elvira fans

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    "Dynamite Entertainment today (July 17, 2017) announced that Elvira, Mistress of the Dark - the beloved horror icon brought to (after)life by actress Cassandra Peterson - will join their line of licensed pop culture properties courtesy of a new licensing agreement with Queen "B" Productions and...
  12. halloween-related video games

    there was another thread recently about horror-survival video games, but i was wondering if anyone knew of any good halloween-related video games? whether online-based (i.e. flash games) or PC or console (i have xbox 360 and xb one), just things that are a little less horror and a little more...
  13. Spooky Game Night ideas?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    We're playing around with the idea of a spooky game night, and I was looking for some ideas for games to play... Board games or card games, preferably. We have Gloom, which is super fun, and Werewolf, which is always a hit... And we keep saying we're going to buy Betrayal At House On The Hill...
  14. Want to do a Muppets theme

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    But I am having a hard time figuring out how to tie it into Halloween. Any ideas for games, food, activities etc.
  15. Stranger Things Invitations

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hey! Working on invitations for this year, wondering what everybody thinks! Looking for ways to better incorporate the visual theme of Stranger Things, and even looking for better drink, game, activity ideas. Thanks!
  16. $30.19 SALE Price For Halloweeja The Board Game

    For Sale By Merchants
    Ending Nov. 6, 2016, then back to regular price, you can get Halloweeja for $30.19 (possibly lower, depending who joins us in the "Crowd Sale.") Learn more or shop now at https://www.thegamecrafter.com/crowdsale/halloweeja
  17. The End Is Near! Nov. 6 Is The Last Day To Get Onboard Halloweeja's "Crowd Sale"

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    The End Is Near! Nov. 6 Is The Last Day To Get Onboard Halloweeja's "Crowd Sale" Need a gift for that unique person in your life? Was Halloween spirit lacking in you life this year? Just want to treat yourself? Maybe Halloweeja is the answer to have a new Halloween experience. Halloweeja the...
  18. Calling all Halloween Party experts!!!!!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    We are having our first Halloween party later this month. I've always been an exterior decorator during this holiday, but now that we are hosting a party we need our interior to look just as good. We are inviting a few families from our daughter's school over, so both kids and adults will be...
  19. Halloweeja: the board game

    Here is the dedicated website to our board game, Halloweeja. Read reviews, get the FREE Print and Play version, explore merchandise, consult the rules, and keep up to date on future events, editions, and releases. Halloweeja.com
  20. Any Adult party games for Voodoo theme?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Since I'm doing Louisiana style Voodoo/Mardi Gras themed adult party. Is there suggestions on games that can be played with this theme in mind. I've already played the test your faith game which was great but it's the same crowd and I'd like to do something else. Thanks