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  1. Pneumatic: weathering galvanized steel trash can - muriatic acid?

    Halloween Props
    I'm building a trash can trauma prop and want to weather the 31 gallon galvanized steel trash can, add some rust. I read somewhere that there is a youtube video on how to do this using muriatic acid. I can't seem to find that exact video. Anybody have tips on precisely what I need to do? (Do I...
  2. cheapest place to buy froggy's freezin fog?

    General Halloween
    I'm looking for some froggy's freezin frog and regular fog juice. Found some ok prices after extensive searching, but wanted to know if anyone has a secret cheap source for froggy's? Shipping is wha makes this expensive since a gallon is heavy. I see amazon has it, but was hoping there might be...
  3. 55 Gallon Drums - Central MA

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Update: Sold
  4. Prop Showcase: door entry

    Halloween Props
    wanted to share my weekend project which was about $150: I needed some sculls, so I called my good friend Mitch Rogers and he was able to supply me with a gallon kit of PolyFoam Rigid. This stuff is great, it takes about 12 minutes to make a scull. I was able to make 58 sculls with a gallon...
  5. Static: fake 55 gallon barrels?

    Halloween Props
    anyone have an idea for or use fake 55 gallon drums? Im wanting some but to store 6 metal drums every year would be crazy, so wanting to do fake ones that can stack inside each other or something like that!
  6. Other: Where to buy (cheap) paint?

    Halloween Props
    I have some pretty big things in the works this year and realized I need some colors in larger quantities - like a gallon each - of colors like red, blue, and metallic gold. I am building props like a ticket booth and a carousel and circus fencing and I need way more paint than usual. (I do have...
  7. pnuematic sit up

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Due to the weight , this is a pick up in hte montrose ny 10548 area dual action with speed controls $125 cash I have an 11 gallon air tank, beyond expiration but. No. Signs of rust i can add at no cost.
  8. Static: fake 55 gallon drum?

    Halloween Props
    anyone have any ideas how to make a fake 55 gallon drum, i would like to be able to use real ones but the size of storing them would be crappy! Im thinking i prob cant make one to have the right look of a real one. I want it for a zombie outbreak theme this year.
  9. Fog: Best local source for gallon of fog juice? Price vs. quality

    Halloween Props
    If I need extra fog juice in a jiffy, are there any "local store" brands that are better than others? And also price. Seems that Spirit sells one gallon of whatever its brand is for $20. Same for Party City. Of any local retail source, which is best and why? I've typically gone with "generic"...
  10. Cemetery columns for $76

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I will start by saying that I used drylok in the monster mud mixture only now realizing I spent 38 dollars on it. I tend to spend and not pay attention to prices. My wife yells at me all the time for it. So with that said I think the price could be brought down some more. I will also say I am...