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  1. Scene Setter -- Police Line Up - Photo Op

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    One year when I was thinking about doing a murder scene theme for my haunt (and know some of you plan for murder mystery parties so posting here as a result), I was looking at different ready-made police line up scene setters to use. Kind of hate spending a lot of money on stuff like this for...
  2. Laser Swamp Effect for $3.00

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    This is a laser swamp test that I put together using a green laser pointer that I bought on Ebay for around $2 mixed with a "line" laser lens that I got from a red line laser module (also on Ebay) for 58 cents. in the future I will probably try to see what adding mirrors will do to amplify the...
  3. 2018 3 stall garage haunt

    General Halloween
    Due to potential bad weather I decided to put my display in my garage this year. Weather turned out to be nice but I will still do the display in the garage in future years. All animatronics were built by me over the years. I have 9 total. Next year I will work on lighting and maybe some...
  4. 2018 Might well be our last display ...

    General Halloween
    We're in the UK and have been doing a display in our front garden (yard) since 2014. In the five years it's grown a little with gravestones, earth breakers, full skeletons, occasionally a fog machine, and this year I had an Atmosfear projection in the window, so nothing fancy and pretty basic...
  5. Starting a new Halloween website - suggestions?

    General Halloween
    Hi all! I've lurked here for years and just really started collecting what I need for doing my own home haunt. One thing I've noticed is it takes a lot of research and going through old posts to find what I am looking for to accomplish certain things or find certain items or sales. I've...
  6. Facebook Hauntproject group

    I think one of the worst losses for our haunt community was when Perfessor Evil passed away unexpectedly and his comprehensive AMAZING build tutorial site hauntproject.com went down. We lost so much stuff when that site went dark. :( Dudeamis (over on our sister site Haunt Forum) collected much...
  7. Haunted House Ticket Stubs

    General Halloween
    Hello everyone, I am glad to be a part of this Halloween forum and know that great things will come out of this. Anyways I plan on having a Halloween office in the future. My office is going to be like a library or study dedicated to Halloween but I will talk about that more later. Ever since I...
  8. Electronic/Software: Spirit Jack Skellington Sold Out

    Halloween Props
    Spirit Halloween has a new bestseller this year thanks to our friends at Gemmy. He's completely sold out online so if you want him I would check your store. This is great news for Spirit, Gemmy, and us though which means Jack could pave the way for future licensed Animatronics at Spirit. I have...
  9. Hello

    Member Introduction
    Hi guys, new here. From Alberta Canada. Ran my first halloween show last year. 32 Channel Light-O-Rama setup. Looking to learn and add more sequences in future.
  10. Static: upgrading a simple skull prop

    Halloween Props
    Many years ago I had a couple of foam skulls from Michaels so I thought it would look neat to put them on some bamboo rods, add a little great stuff for brain matter and some red paint for blood. We've found a place for these in our haunt almost every year. Decided to give them a new look for...
  11. New Member from Minneapolis, MN

    Member Introduction
    Hello all! I joined about a year ago but haven't been active. I'm going to try harder in the future :) I'm just a hobbyist who's interested in Halloween and other animatronics and electronics. It's great fun to see what you're all up to!
  12. Are Virtual Reality headsets a threat to home haunting?

    General Halloween
    Just tried the VR Gear from Samsung, the download was a haunted mansion type, it was real impressive. Has anyone thought of incorporating this into their home haunts, can they Co exist, or is this the future of experiencing Halloween? Your thoughts?
  13. Not sure what to do with cannon...

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    We made, what I think, is a pretty cool cannon for our Pirate themed party this year. I hate to get rid of it, however it is kind of big to store and we aren't sure when we would use it again. Do you guys have any suggestions for other themes this might work for in the future, so I can justify...
  14. Hello from Maryland

    Member Introduction
    Hi everyone. I enjoy Halloween and like making simple woodworking projects for the night. I will posting a few in the near future.
  15. Looking to the future

    General Halloween
    Many things have conspired this year to make it impossible to set up my haunt this year. I have an October wedding to attend. I started a new job so I have very little vacation time and have to work every weekend. However this new career will allow me to get married and buy a home next year...
  16. Sneak Peek of our future haunter!

    General Halloween
    UPDATE: She's here! Our 8lb. bundle arrived yesterday morning! Thought I'd share the latest 4D picture of our little one who'll be here in about 2 1/2 weeks. I'll be delivering at the University hospital a week and a half early since they suspect she may possibly have a small hole in...
  17. New Guy

    Member Introduction
    New to site but my buddy is on and likes the ideas. Hopeing to get some sweet ideas for future yard haunts. :cool:
  18. Future Reference for Group Buys

    Group Buys
    While watching one of Stiltbeast Studios' videos on skeleton corpsing, he mentioned his source of pose'n'stay skeleton. That would be Pitini Enterprises. He also mentions he now uses Sunstar Industries as his source. Thought I'd throw this tidbits out there for future group buys of mass...