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  1. Lighting: Managing Your Extension Cords

    Halloween Props
    Since many of our halloween props and lighting decor make use of extension cords, I saw this video I thought worth sharing that illustrates how to manage your extension cords for ease of use and to keep them in good condition. I've always been frustrated with mine especially when you're using a...
  2. Photo posting issues

    Off-Topic Stuff
    The last 2 times I tried to post pictures from Photobucket I git a bad URL message. I have posted lots of pictures in the past and never an issue, Tried several times and no go. I'm frustrated. Grrrrr
  3. How the heck do you upload pics into an album on here!!??

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I got one pic to upload and can't get anymore. It used to be easy to do. Getting frustrated.
  4. Hello im Ravenclaw67

    Member Introduction
    Hello im Ravenclaw67, enjoy viewing this site and using some of the the things i learned here, Would love to start posting but this darn forum has me so frustrated trying to post photos or upload i might as well just go back to viewing!