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  1. General Halloween
    I just ordered the cutest, realistic looking resin fruit bats from CollectionsEtc. They aren't on sale (reg. 14.99) but I was able to use a RetailMeNot coupon for CollectionsEtc to order them at 20% off (on entire order) bringing the price down to 11.99 each. They charged shipping based off of...
  2. Haunted Humor
    Just a little video for fun! :)=:o
  3. Halloween Props
    I'm planning on building an old-timey fruit stand, except appropriately disgusting and gross. The stand's coming along great (thank you, leftover half rotten lumber pile from deck rebuild) but now I'm getting into the fruits and I could use some suggestions. I am primarily focused on rotten...
  4. Links
    I've recently had a lot of trouble with getting my five year old to eat enough fruit and veg. After doing a fair bit of research around the best ways to motivate kids to eat more fruit and veg I found that star charts seemed to be quite effective. There's a halloween themed one on a juice site...
1-4 of 4 Results