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  1. Fog: Survey - what chills your fog?

    Halloween Props
    Cubed ice? Block ice? Dry ice? Frozen water bottles? Something else? Looking for ideas.
  2. My freezer looked like Halloween

    Off-Topic Stuff
    A couple weeks ago I bought a side of Angus from my Halloween neighbor down the street. On Tuesday I had to pick it up from the butcher as he doesn't have a freezer only a cooler. . Anyway I brought it home and schlepped it downstairs to the freezer putting all the hamburger ( lots) on the top...
  3. Mechanical: 2nd Prop for 2015

    Halloween Props
    He's not very scary or halloweenish but it will be my only Halloween prop that can stay out for Xmas. Elf on the Shelf and an accomplice (who wishes to remain anonymous at this time;)) are planning a certain Disney Frozen character demise as we speak. A skim coat of thin monster mud, light...
  4. Can you use a mask to make appliances?

    I don't if this is the right area to post this plus I don't dabble in make up, I buy mask but I was wondering if this works. I have a freddy krueger mask prolly the most cheap common one and was wondering if I could slice it strategically to use it conform to my face to give off a more realistic...
  5. Disney's Frozen

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Okay, so I'm waaaaaay off the edge of the map here. But I know there be Disney peeps around, and I love me a good Disney princess flick. (My second date with the missus was The Little Mermaid). Monsters and musicals are not mutually exclusive, amiright? Anyways, anyone see it? I wasn't fond...