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  1. Haunted house stuff for sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Selling a ton of haunted house items in Roseville, Michigan....I would rather not ship stuff. I really don't have a ton of free time to be going to the post office constantly. All the items are slightly used ( only this season) alot are new because we never got them into play. I will consider...
  2. LED pin Spotlights

    For Sale By Merchants
    Colors are warm white, cold white, red, green yellow, UV, orange and blue. $3. each plus shipping. These are the same LED's @ used in THE HAUNT in Michigan that got this "glowing" review from Scarefactor.com--"Lighting in the attractions was understated and effective, favoring smaller “pin...
  3. FS: Frightprops Pop Blaster + PicoBoo ONE controller + motion sensor

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    his is a great scare in a place where guests feel "safe" - startles them every time! $410 new - why buy new? Excellent condition - easy to program - works great! Needs an air compressor. Posting it cheaper here than on ebay (but it is listed there too) - $275 + shipping
  4. Mechanical: Turned a head turner prop to a Christmas tree oscillator

    Halloween Props
    Thought I'd share a head turner prop which was shortly made into a Christmas tree oscillator. I used a couple of pieces 1/2 threaded pipe, 3/4 PVC, 1' aluminum flat bar, some crap plywood, and a couple of nuts and bolts. The angle wiper motor mounting plate was bought from Frightprops. I'll...
  5. Best supplier for electronic similar to frightprops.com

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hi All, looking for motion detectors sound boxes ect. (Love to have an all in one motion detector, sound card/speaker and 110 outlet for a motor or light )!)Frightprops is kind of expensive. I heard they just redistribute a lot of this stuff from other vendors. Any suggestions?
  6. Win over $725 in Props and Accessories from FrightProps courtesy of FrightFind.com

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Win the entire FrightProps Prize pack including a $200 FrightProps gift card, 4 Flash Crackers, a Brain Beanie, a Trick Or Treat Severed Head Bag, a Bucket of Poo, a Torso Prop, a Skinned Fox, and a ColorPiano Light! Valued at over $725 in Halloween & haunted house accessories, this is a must...
  7. Prop Showcase: 'The Witch in the cage'

    Halloween Props
    Hi Halloween Forum Members, Here is a link to my animatronic prop called "The Witch in the Cage" like the one I saw years ago in a shop at Disneyland. Included in the video is some of the build pictures and her activated. I had been working on this off and on for a few years but this year when I...
  8. Pneumatic: Pneumatics newbie - Questions about sourcing equipment

    Halloween Props
    I got a nice 12gal compressor off Craigslist so I'm good to go in that department but need hoses, fittings, solenoid valves, a cylinder with 4" travel. Maybe a controller or I might use arduino with a relay. I've read a lot on the FrightProps website - are they generally recommended here...
  9. Mechanical: Frightprops wiper motor

    Halloween Props
    I have a question about the frightprops Wiper motor!! I noticed on their site that you can run the motor with a 5 volt power supply for a lower RPM. Is this bad for the motor, shorten the life or cause overheating? Thanks HH
  10. Electronic/Software: FrightProps PicoBoo One Problem

    Halloween Props
    I just purchased a PicoBoo One from Frightprops. I can not get it to work properly, or what I feel is properly. When I power on the device it sends constant power to my valve. I have read the instructions on how to toggle the settings. Still the same outcome, constant power to my valve. Does...
  11. Mechanical: Frightprops diffuse beam sensor

    Halloween Props
    I just wondering if anyone had ordered the 10' diffuse beam sensor from frightprops. If so what are your thoughts about it and would mind posting up some pictures of it with the model number.
  12. Selling My Frighprops Gear and other items

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hello Everyone, Due to health problems, I won't be able to keep doing my annual home haunt. I have many, many items I'd like to sell all together. I have well over $1200.00 of Frightprops electronic gear and other items. All well taken care of and stored properly and with care. Asking $...
  13. CONTEST: Win $900 of stuff from FrightProps and Instructables!

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    Is it $900? Or is it more? Whatever it is, it's a ton of stuff! All you've gotta do for your chance to win is enter your Halloween prop/decoration into this contest: http://www.instructables.com/contest/halloweendecor2015/ We're giving away the following prize pack to the Grand Prize winner...
  14. Win A FrightProps $100 Gift Card!

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Take a funny/creepy picture featuring the FrightProps catalog and post it to social media using hashtag #hardcorehaunter! At the end of the month, we’ll pick our favorite entry and award the winner a $100 FrightProps Gift Card! Bonus points will be awarded for especially cool or creative...
  15. New BLOODTHIRSTY THURSDAYS from FrightProps!

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    Hey Haunters! We're doing a new thing called BLOODTHIRSTY THURSDAYS - each week there's a new chance to win a ton of cool prizes from FrightProps! All you have to do is go to our social media channels and like/share/etc the post. We've got a list of this week's prizes and links to all of our...
  16. Frightprops Guilty of Piracy?

    Last night Frightprops tried to pass the blame on another company called Frightideas for the talking skull they sell that Skull Shoppe claims they stole from him. Skull Shoppe claims he copyrighted the skull and blames Frightprops. Frightprops says Frightideas makes the skull not them and that...
  17. Frightprops hypocrisy

    Just had one of my posts deleted for no particular reason. It was an old thread about someone who had their photograph taken and pinned on Pinterest by someone claiming it was their own. I noticed Frightprops chimed in and relayed a story of their own about some guy who was molding and casting...
  18. Pneumatic: Pneumatic Solenoid Valve Issues. Anyone Else?

    Halloween Props
    So, I bought five of these solenoid valves (5 port, 12vdc) from FrightProps earlier this year and put them all into props that I built for this year's haunt. They worked long enough to build and test my props. So far, though, since we opened our maze on October 3rd, four out of the five of...
  19. Atmosphere Effects: Anyone use/make transducers?

    Halloween Props
    Playing with the idea of using a transducer setup to vibrate the floors in a scene. Saw it at Knotts a few times and it got my wheels spinning (or at least shaking anyway..) Anyone out there build these? Seen a setup over at frightprops, but would like to make it cheaper. Or larger and more...
  20. FREE FrightProps Printed Catalog

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    FrightProps has a limited number of catalogs we can mail out. When they are gone they are GONE! If you would like one please send an e-mail to [email protected] with your Name and Address. All orders from FrightProps are shipped with one so if you have already ordered or intend to order...