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  1. General Halloween
    UPDATE: Thanks to a video from DavidsTV along with other photos, we now know both of the themes: The Bell Tower and a Hotel! We also know for sure which theme several props are going to be in, which are listed below. Bell Tower: -Cerberus (Returning from 2015) -Lil' Skelly Bones (Returning...
  2. General Halloween
    The day has come! Here is the official list of all props and the theme they reside in: The Swamp: -Swinging Swamp Hag -Swinging Skeleton Boy -Black Widow Flaming Witch -Wolf Rug -Compost Corpse -Creepy Rising Doll (This one surprised me) -Pumpkin Guardian Grave w/ Fog -The Incinerator w/ Fog...
1-2 of 2 Results