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  1. Halloween Props
    This is a fog chiller Cadaver Crypt I made. Behind one of the skulls is a fan to bring fresh air into the fog machine and the other 7 are where the fog exits. Inside there is also space for ice to cool the fog.
  2. Halloween Props
    What can be done to take a semi-cheap mask that's flat and dull looking and make it look more real or fresh? Thanks in advance for any help Scarab
  3. General Halloween
    hello everyone i just joined this site. I'm Freakshow The Clown and i have been haunter for a few years now. i work for a charity haunt that the money goes to restore a historical sights. i do have a small budget every year. I am looking for ideas for a room. it is a black light fun house full...
  4. Member Introduction
    Hello everyone! I'm not a new member, just a returning one. I made my first account in 2008, but it had so many cringy old posts on it I figured I'd start fresh, haha. Just wanted to say hi! I missed browsing this forum every day!
  5. Halloween Props
    Mucking about with positioning some of the skeletons tonight and adding on bits of rags, armour and weapons (loads more to secure on), helmets are heatgunned plastic bags which i shrunk around a real medieval bascinet about ten layers (surprisingly sturdy) and the faux chainmail mantle on one is...
  6. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    My wife Dixie and I host our family party each year and a big part of the event is party games. We have some favorites and have compiled a bunch of them for my website . . . Halloween Games and Activities . . . but we're always looking for fresh new ideas on things so we can surprise our guests...
1-6 of 6 Results