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    Halloween Music
    Hé you ;) Here's an Halloween video from a french band called NAGAKANAYA - "TROTTOIRS d'HALLOWEEN" :cool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuiNnEKlrKw
  2. Halloween Radio on HalloweenForum.com

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Not sure if I caught it at a bad time, but is anyone else's Halloween Radio from this site in French?
  3. 45°, 2-way mirrored glasses, split ceiling view

    General Halloween
    I saw a prototype years ago of a French developer's glasses that had 45° mirrors in front of the person's eyes. I don't remember what he was using them for. The mirror was two-way, so it combined the person's view with whatever was seen up above. Does anyone have a clue what I'm talking...
  4. Ghost train in France

    General Halloween
    Video of a french ghost train in Paris :
  5. French halloween crazy fan girl :)

    Member Introduction
    Hi everybody:p I'm Fred, i'm a french girl- 35 yrs old I'm an halloween fan and i use to organize halloween parties My friend say that i'm crazy because each time i take them with me into another world, fifth dimension ^^ with my decors and ambiance :) i love creating scenes and ambiance...
  6. Need More Music Like The Elephant Man Theme... Help Please.

    Halloween Music
    Hi Haunters, I'm trying to identify the genre of a specific type of instrumental music. I really wish there was a service that was actually good at matching songs based on "sounds like song x" (not "sounds like ARTIST x" which is too broad). I've tried a number of services and just keep running...
  7. I need some hair help.

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Talia's in the Chinese immersion program at school. Which is fine. Today is Chinese new years, and they're doing a big celebration tonight. 2 days ago they told us the girls all had to wear red. Savers saved me there. Today, they are informing us they want all their hair in a bun...