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  1. Free full length Halloween haunt album til 1st October!!

    Halloween Music
    Hi to celebrate the coming of the great pumpkin, and to say thanks to everyone on Halloweenforum for your support we are giving away a FREE full length Haunt Music CD - Ghost Stories. Its full of award winning dark electronic horror music! Click below to download the album (normally $8.99 on...
  2. Free Royalty Free Horror music - Podsafe, youtube safe tonight only!

    Halloween Music
    Hi Sam here - just to let you know you can get our Royalty Free horror CD Scaretrax for FREE tonight only. Simply go to https://scaretrax.bandcamp.com/album/scaretrax-royalty-free-horror-soundtrack-music-volume-1 and name your price, enter 0 at checkout to get it for free! Please share this...
  3. Royalty free halloween music for youtube etc.

    Halloween Music
    https://samhaynes1.bandcamp.com/album/halloween-music-royalty-free-for-youtube-videos FREE DOWNLOAD - Royalty free halloween music for youtube videos. An EP of music that you can use on your halloween / horror projects completely free / name your price. Grab your copy now - there are a...
  4. FREE Download our award winning halloween CD SPINE CHILLERS!

    Halloween Music
    Hey everyone You can download our FREE ALBUM of award winning horror music - Get Spine Chillers free to celebrate our nomination for a Rondo award! Go here www.hauntmusic.co.uk Please vote for us in category 25 - best music CD if you like what you hear...
  5. Elfman-esque Ambient Loop (free)

    Halloween Music
    Hello everyone! It's nice to see so many people contributing again this year! For those looking for a track that loops, and is on the :rolleyes:friendlier side:rolleyes:, but still sounds like Halloween, check out my composition in an Elfman style arrangement. You can stream or download for...
  6. Free Dark Ambient/Halloween Music Tracks

    Halloween Music
    Hi all, I wanted to let this community know that I just completed an album of ambient soundscape music. I know two of the eight tracks on the album will be pretty big hits with Halloween fanatics, as they are very desolate, brooding, and mysterious sounding, and fit right into that dark ambient...