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  1. uv/black light ideas

    General Halloween
    hello everyone i just joined this site. I'm Freakshow The Clown and i have been haunter for a few years now. i work for a charity haunt that the money goes to restore a historical sights. i do have a small budget every year. I am looking for ideas for a room. it is a black light fun house full...
  2. building a mask (2019)

    Halloween Props
    looking at building my first mask and i was wondering if anyone could give me a few tips. let me start off by saying this mask is large. i have based the design of a SCP (special Containment Procedure.... its from a game/fan fic) the creature i want to build is called "The DoorMan SCP 303" my...
  3. Our Trunk or Treat, "Rose's Freakshow" was a Blast!

    General Halloween
    I've read a lot of bad stuff here on the Forum about the evils of Trunk or Treat events hosted by schools, churches and civil organizations. Some of those complaints do admittedly have validity, like the poor guy who showed up at one and was told by some padre or other that the trunk had to be...
  4. Circus of the Damned, Halloween 2016

    General Halloween
    Hi all! Very late to the party this year, but here's photos of my 2016 themed party: Circus of the Damned. I scoured pinterest, the forum, TV shows (like American Horror Story and Carnivale), and more for inspiration. We built most of the props, including the ticket booth and snack stand. The...
  5. Canvas Freakshow or Sideshow posters

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Canvas Freakshow or Sideshow posters I don’t claim to be an expert, but here’s my stab at a tutorial on the sideshow posters I’m doing for our Black Cat Carnival (Le Chat Noir Theatre). If you try this and have tips or alternative ideas (ones you’ve actually tried) please feel free to add...
  6. Carnival / freakshow items for sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE FOR SALE: 16' FOAM DEVIL HEAD ENTRANCE ($300) 3 GAME BOOTH SIGNS WITH RUNNING LIGHTS ($200 ea or all 3 for $500) TWISTYS BAR (FOAM FACE AND LIGHTED SIGN) $500 The entire package for $1000. Located in Beaufort SC, will need to arrange pick up or delivery. Thank you for...
  7. Static: Freakshow party 2015- TWISTYS BAR

    Halloween Props
    Hey all! New to the forum. We are hosting a Freakshow theme party this year, not completely based on the American Horror Story show, but with similar elements. One of the projects is 'TWISTY'S BAR,' and I thought it would be fun to show you some progress pics as we move along. Enjoy! Concept-...
  8. New 17 track CD for Halloween 2015 previews - The Incredible Dark carnival

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hi everyone My new CD is out on 13th of april. The Incredible Dark Carnival There are a lot of styles on the CD including orchestral tracks as well as more dance orientated songs. I think they would sound great in a carnival themed haunt or dark attraction. Please check it out. You can hear...
  9. 2014 Halloween Theme - Carnival of Shadows

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So, the 2014 season is over, but I wanted to share some pictures/experiences about this year. I received a lot of inspiration for my Halloween from these forums and wanted to share some back. This year's theme was "Carnival of Shadows" (CarnEVIl, Creepy Carnival, etc) The main props built for...
  10. Tazmanian Devil Cage

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hi guys! I am new to this forum so please forgive, and be patient with me. Just as I am new to the forum, I'm also new to the whole DIY for props. This year for my outdoor theme I am having a Creepy Carnival with clowns and etc, BUT I thought I'd throw in a small cage that will appear as a...

    Horror Discussion
    Just found out about this show. It's really cute and easy to watch, if you're not squeamish - it's 21 minutes of pure, honest sideshow action. The show follows the work lives of the members of the Venice Beach Freakshow. It airs 8:30/9:30 on AMC. Check it out if you can, it's a lot of fun.
  12. Anybody have any ideas a freakshow circus themed Halloween party?

    General Halloween
    This year my friend is having his annual Halloween party. He wanted to do it really big since it is the 10th year in a row. My wife and I help him out and we have been going back and forth since last Halloween for a theme. We were going to do a Phantom of the Opera theme, a Monsters Ball (lady...