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  1. General Halloween
    Hey all working on this year's halloween setup and we decided on a freakshow/carnival theme. We have most of it planned out but I am having issues with a couple things and hope to get some advice. 1. The main tent is slatted to be a freakshow and I want to do actual displays instead of posters...
  2. Halloween Props
    Hello everyone! I finally decided to post some props I made when I was finishing my Fine Arts degree. I always liked cryptozoology, cabinets of curiosities, oddities, freak shows...and for my final project I used those concepts 😁 So I organized an exhibition about Edward Blackmund, a 19th...
  3. Halloween Props
    Edit: Found another thread that helped. Freak Show Posters
  4. Howlin' Harry

    PVC frame, thrifted clothes, dollar store hands with teddy bear fur adhered, mask purchased (cannot remember retailer - likely Walmart or Ollie's)
  5. Strength Test

    Made from cardboard boxes, tubes, poster board, tin pan, dollar store hand, dollar store brain mold - painted.
  6. Freak Show Tent

    8'x8' tent, red and white plastic table clothes hung as "curtains", handmade signs from cardboard.
  7. Mick, the Monkey Man

    Cardboard box, body form made from a small cardboard box with cardboard tubes as arms/neck. Thrifted clothing, altered. "Cymbals" are plastic plates, thrifted. Monkey mask was thrifted.
  8. Spidora

    Big Lots spider, doll head painted and glued on top. Spider webs, various smaller plastic spiders.
  9. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    It's August 14th and I haven't made one prop! What?! Plans are underway for : Siamese Twins, Sword Swallower and hopefully a Figi Mermaid.
  10. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I've been so inspired by all the CarnEvil and other dark carnival themes on the board. I lean toward spooky/creepy decorations rather than gore, though, so I decided to go with a haunted carnival theme, and call it Circus of Spook. It's going to be a mostly outdoor party. I've been stocking up...
1-10 of 10 Results