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  1. Haunted Humor
    This is an original cartoon. Hope you enjoy.
  2. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hello all! Have the concept down, but I'm stuck on the wording. Any ideas appreciated! :D
  3. Halloween Props
    I wanted to share a few pics of this years Halloween display. His head is a candy dispenser. You load the hopper, turn his bolt and the candy slides down his tongue and rests in his jaw for the TOT's to collect. I will take some pics and hopefully some video when he's in full action mode on...
  4. Member Introduction
    Hi My name is Joe DeMuro Of Wolfbain Productions a small indie film company in Great Bend Pa . I would like to say thank you to all on this forum .As it was all of your great suggestions on how to build sets from foam board, that made all of my castle sets look great as well as the coffins...
1-4 of 4 Results