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  1. Static: Foam toe pincher!

    Halloween Props
    I've been saying for a couple of years that I wanted to make a groundbreaker style toe pincher coffin, but never ran across any old fence boards to make it with. While I was teaching my wife to carve and paint the foam window boards last week we decided to make one from foam over a wooden frame...
  2. 3 Complete PVC Adjustable Body Frames

    For Sale By Merchants
    SOLD ! 3 Complete PVC Adjustable Body Frames Hi all, I have 3 displays we used at the recent MHC show I'd like to unload. They are all in excellent shape. The wooden bases are not included, but we will supply a couple of our PVC mounting bases with each frame. :) Please send a PM if you are...
  3. Static: Hearse Project

    Halloween Props
    Well after doing some research and setting a budget I have decided to make a hearse as my first project of the 2015 Halloween season, and my first project as a member of these boards. Today I set the frame of the hearse... My main question is, my frame is 11 feet long (8 foot coffin holder...
  4. Static: Our mausoleum

    Halloween Props
    The frame for our mausoleum which will have a flying crank ghost inside and other add ons
  5. Static: Oval picture frame for tv?

    Halloween Props
    anyone find a nice oval frame for use with a widescreen tv? Been looking for something for either 32 or 40" tv. but it need to be wide enought to cover a section where the tvs speakers are. so it has to be rather wide. I thought I'd ask here, if anyone has found a source for such a frame it...
  6. This is cool. Stop motion Psycho Lantern (shower scene).

    General Halloween
    Sorry if someone already posted this. An artist recreated the famous shower scene, frame by frame, with carved pumpkins. Just something I thought was cool. :)
  7. Static: Idea for 2015 prop

    Halloween Props
    I was in Orlando a month or so ago for a conference and my wife traveled with me. We went to see the La Nouba, Cirque De Soleil, Orlando one evening while we were there. I've seen a show here in Oklahoma City, but this was fabulous. Anyway - one of the scenes had something in it that just...
  8. Static: Giant Skull - Need Advice/Suggestions

    Halloween Props
    I am starting a new project for NEXT Halloween and was hoping to get some advice from fellow prop builders. I want to make a giant skull, somewhere around 4 foot wide by 8 feet high to hang on my house. Early thoughts on construction have been to use pvc for the frame and a combination of...
  9. Do ghosts have reflections?

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    I know everyone always say vampires and witches dont, but i never hear about ghosts. My boyfriends house is haunted and I thought i saw the man who haunts it in the reflection of a glass frame but he said he thought they had no reflection. Input is appriceated! Thanks!!
  10. Mechanical: Creepy Rising Doll from Spirit

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone bought this yet aside from the few I have seen posted on different threads. I like it but the freakin motor is wicked loud and I'm so afraid it will break easily. The bottom part of the mouth isn't put together all that well either. There were little foam pieces strapped with a zip...
  11. Other Halloween light up door wreath

    Halloween Crafts
    This is something we are working on the for the front door. :D Its your basic wreath. Black wire frame Black leaf garland x 2 Black feather boa LED 25 string lights with battery pack x 2 Flickering battery powered tea candles x 2 The rest is just typical wreath décor you can pick up at...
  12. Static: Help requested: how to build wall panels/diorama

    Halloween Props
    Good day everyone---I'm doing a 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters theme for our party this year and have been lollygagging on my yard decorations. I don't want to rip someone off blindly or carte blanche, but attached is a pic of a house that did an AWESOME Ghostbusters theme yard. I want to...
  13. Fake Hay Bale Tutorial

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Tool List Saw Speed Square Power drill with #2 phillips bit Staple gun with 5/16" and 3/8" staples Heavy duty scissors Material List (for 1 hay bale) 8 - 2"x2"x42" square pressure treated deck balusters 16 - 0.625-in x 1.5-in Zinc-Plated Flat Braces 1 roll - 3' x 25' plastic poultry fencing (or...
  14. Prop Showcase: Boarded up Windows!

    Halloween Props
    Here are some pics of my boarded up windows. I covered all the windows in the front and sides except for the back right and the back of the house. It was a pain in the butt to cover the top floor. I had to borrow my neighbor's extension ladder. I made the window covers using advice from this...