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  1. Static: 11 Foot Demon Wings

    Halloween Props
    So last night I was told by my wife (who I thought loved Halloween as much as me :confused: , but still pretty close) that I went a little overboard this year building some wings. The nerve on this woman lol, J/K. :D The wingspan WILL be ~ 11' and mounted to my demon I have posted HERE, but I...
  2. Addam's Family Reunion-Come as a Long Distant Relative-Dead or Alive

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Inspired by another post from 2014, by nathancarter, We are doing an Addam's Family Reunion party. Our family will dress as the 'Family' characters with a twist: My husband will go as Morticia and I as Gomez. Thank you to Nathan for his inspiration. I am preparing a paper mache two headed...
  3. Static: Material for a large outdoor prop-Ideas?

    Halloween Props
    I'm thinking of building a large troll that will permanently be in the yard. I'm thinking of a either a 2 inch PVC pipe or PT lumber frame covered by chicken wire. Over that drape old bed sheets soaked in some sort of cement mixture. The troll will be appox 7-8 feet high. Any ideas on the frame...
  4. Jane mask

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Made this mask for a film production last year, then used it for Halloween. A couple of photos from the build. And a couple more nicer shots. A still frame from the film.
  5. Static: Pumpkin Head

    Halloween Props
    So I've bounced around this site for years now, but never posted anything, so here's my first one. I do want to say thanks in advance for all the great projects that people have posted to generate ideas. I always go into idea overload on this site  This guy is new for 2016, and was a blast to...
  6. Static: My $2 Mini Monster

    Halloween Props
    Basic PVC frame from scraps I had laying around, his whole body is made out of old clothes tapes to the frame for mass and then corpsed. Tail end of a can of spray foam for his guts and spray paint with 2 dollar store skulls for his heads.
  7. Other Halloween Zentangle

    Halloween Crafts
    Here's one my daughter did for me to hang in our 'witches room' back drop. It's big, 40"x30" .. I just need to mat and frame it now.
  8. Other Looking for a supplier for LEDs + small switches

    Halloween Crafts
    Most pre-wired LEDs I've come across are usually 4' or longer, but I'm looking for a 2' strand plus an on/off switch - the small ones you see on most battery operated things you buy at Michael's, HomeGoods, etc. Does anyone here have a source for such things? I'm looking to make a lighted...
  9. Unliving Portrait

    Halloween Props
    So this year I want to finally add the unliving portrait to my haunt, however, would I need 3 separate screens for each frame? If anyone has done this can they help me an maybe show me the wiring if possible.
  10. The time of year when EVERYTHING looks like a potential prop.

    General Halloween
    I think I have a sickness. I've always wanted a working turning tunnel in my haunt. I started staring at our outdoor pool and realized the plastic pipe frame would be perfect if I had another one.... I'm driving my husband crazy. Anyone else see with Xray prop vision?:D
  11. Large and Small Props for Sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Selling a few things. All prices include shipping. Payments made through PayPal. PM if interested. Please ask any questions you might have. Morris Costumes Angel of Death Animated Prop - $160 SOLD Brand new, never displayed. Put together to make sure it worked. It works great. A couple minor...
  12. Static: Cemetery Archway

    Halloween Props
    Starting my archway above my cemetery gates. Here is the frame and font.
  13. Other: Given Some neat items today!

    Halloween Props
    They are Black Acrilic sheets , some 5 ft by 18" by 1/2 inch thick. They were scraps from a factory in this county that made containers for a large, portable sewer-Cleaning Machinery. This material was being "Welded" together with some sort of a "Heat Gun"? So far I have had several ideas of...
  14. Other Beetlejuice Picture Frame

    Halloween Crafts
    I made a frame for our picture of our Halloween costumes
  15. Creating lightning

    General Halloween
    Hi....:) I want to create a false stained glass window in a box frame that stands away from the wall..... about 6 inches ..... I want to rig up lightning to flash behind the window ... so when you look at the window it lights with the flash ..... Anyone know how to do the lightning effect? I...
  16. Prop Showcase: Hanging diy bones

    Halloween Props
    So i just finished up my diy paper mache bones. Mostly femurs. I want to cross two of them and mount them down my door frame. without damaging the wood frame. What is the best way to mount them. I tried to string them and do it that way but they were too heavy. i will have about 5 crossbones...
  17. Help finding Countdown Clock

    Wanted to Buy
    I want a Countdown clock displayed in my yard for October 1st through 30th because I don't usually decorate until the day of...many neighbors have thought I might not display each year so by having a clock, I figured it would send the signal to the neighborhood. With that said, I can't find any...
  18. Static: Building a large sphere, how to frame?

    Halloween Props
    Hey everyone, I'm trying to devise a way to build, well, a Death Star prop about 5 feet in diameter or so. I've been doing some small scale tests with paper mache and such, but my core problem is how to create the armature/framework upon which it will be built? My only condition is that I have...
  19. Other: Vacuume forming table questions

    Halloween Props
    ever since getting my first set of stormtrooper armor, I have been wanting to make a vac table. I pulled out my old book on moulding. it has a rather involved tutorial complete with making your own heating coils and making a very large frame for eveything. dont really think I need to get that...
  20. Prop Showcase: A pretty cool failed attempt at a Pepper's Ghost

    Halloween Props
    Okay, if you have a few minutes to read this, and watch my little video, some of you might find this entertaining. Although some of you might agree that I’m every bit as dumb as I look. In any event, here it is. My failed attempt at a Pepper’s Ghost, from many years ago. I though I would post...